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(n.) = crime ; criminality ; delinquency.
Ex: Some headings are vague and without scope notes to define them: ROBBERS AND OUTLAWS; crime AND CRIMINALS; ROGUES AND VAGABONDS.
Ex: Matters of civility rather than criminality are the focus of the discussion.
Ex: Libraries can play a role in countering social problems such as gangsterism, delinquency, illiteracy and vagrancy.
* con una alto nivel de delincuencia = crime-ridden ; crime-infested.
* con un alto nivel de delincuencia = crime-riddled.
* delincuencia callejera = street crime.
* delincuencia juvenil = juvenile delinquency.
* disuadir la delincuencia = deter + crime.
* evitar la delincuencia = prevent + crime.
* hacer frente a la delincuencia = tackle + crime.
* infestado de delincuencia = crime-ridden ; crime-riddled ; crime-infested.
* luchar contra la delincuencia = take + a bite out of crime.
* plagado de delincuencia = crime-ridden ; crime-riddled ; crime-infested.
* prevenir la delincuencia = prevent + crime.
* relacionado con la delincuencia = crime-related.
* vida de delincuencia = life of crime.

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