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tarry, delay; postpone; linger

it delayed

(v.) = delay ; hold up ; hold + Nombre + back ; retard ; temporise [temporize, -USA] ; hold off ; play for + time ; drag out.
Ex: It would be wise to delay reading these until you have had some experience in using the scheme.
Ex: Unfortunately, goods of Community origin can also be held up by the surveillance system, often for several weeks.
Ex: Despite the improvements in the 17th edition, the scheme has been held back for years by the old policy of 'integrity of numbers' referred to above, the effects of which are not likely to be quickly mitigated.
Ex: Without the floppy disk, data processing on microcomputers would have been severely retarded.
Ex: The first countries to enter the information society will reap the greatests rewards whereas countries which temporise or favour half-hearted solutions could, in less than a decade, face disastrous declines in investment and a squeeze on jobs.
Ex: A dam at the Strait of Gibraltar could be constructed to limit the outflow and reverse the climate deterioration, thus holding off the next ice age.
Ex: Saddam will play for time and avoid precipitating any crises that could cost him his hold on power.
Ex: The government has been accused again of 'inexcusably dragging out' the construction of the new Pearl Harbor memorial.
* demorarse = lag ; tarry ; drag + Posesivo + feet ; drag + Posesivo + heels ; linger ; be late (for) ; hang + fire ; fall behind.
* sin demorarse un (solo) minuto = without a moment wasted ; without a wasted moment ; without a minute wasted ; without a wasted minute.

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