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negate, deny; refute, rebut; disallow; overrule

(adj.) = rejected.
Ex: Then there are those children made to think themselves failures because of the hammer-blow terms like dull, backward, retarded, underprivileged, disadvantaged, handicapped, less able, slow, rejected, remedial, reluctant, disturbed.
(v.) = deny ; turn down ; overrule ; reject ; refuse ; give + Nombre + the thumbs down.
Ex: Borrower records may be marked so that charge-out privileges will be denied except when special permission from the librarian is given.
Ex: Public school, strapped for cash, find offers from advertising revenue hard to turn down.
Ex: President Eisenhower overruled some of his military commanders in summer 1958, ordering them not to use nuclear weapons against China.
Ex: Any reliance on principles alone is rejected, and an attempt is made to codify experience.
Ex: If not, it displays an error message and refuses to allow you start the requested function.
Ex: Ultimately these guys are professionals and can tell you whether the property as a whole should be given the thumbs up or down.

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