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denunciation, denouncement; delation; impeachment; complaint
denounce; squeal, inform against; proclaim, announce; denote; foretell


it denounces

(n.) = bold statement against ; condemnation ; denunciation.
Ex: Vivid and even poetic at times, this text has a profound pathos and a rich story in addition to being a bold statement against literary elitism.
Ex: This article critically examines Blaise Cronin's condemnation of social responsibility in librarianship.
Ex: These denunciations make libraries look both sanctimonious and hypocritical for trying to save the world when they have failed to put ther own house in order.
* hacer una denuncia = file + a police report.
* poner una denuncia = file + a police report.
* presentar una denuncia = file + a police report.
(v.) = condemn ; denounce ; speak out against ; blow + the whistle (on) ; inform on ; report ; rail against ; turn in.
Ex: It must, however, also be considered as a major source of the 'subject index illusion' so trenchantly condemned by Bliss, as mentioned below.
Ex: Some of the rules were imposed on Panizzi by the Trustees of the British Museum, and Panizzi could only join his critics in denouncing those rules, such as the rules for entry of anonymous publications.
Ex: Such restraint creates a ridiculous and pathetic situation in which librarians refuse to speak out against, or work to defeat legislation destructive to libraries such as California's Propositions.
Ex: The article 'Blowing the whistle on hazardous exports' warns consumers in developing countries about the practice by transnational corporations of exporting hazardous substances into their countries.
Ex: Some view whistleblowing -- defined as informing on illegal or unethical practices in the workplace -- as being undesirable.
Ex: Criticism is not appropriate in a style which aims to report, but not comment upon the content of the original document.
Ex: She has vented her frustration over the nation's over-zealous traffic wardens and railed against the littered streets.
Ex: Sometimes communities are unwilling to cooperate with police to put a stop to gang behavior, either because of intimidation or unwillingness to turn in members of their own community = A veces las comunidades no están dispuestas a cooperar con la policía para poner fin a la conducta de pandillas, ya sea por intimidación o por no querer delatar a miembros de su propia comunidad.

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