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* darse por derrotado = sound + note of defeat.
(v.) = defeat ; vanquish ; rout ; outgun.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Dewey Decimal system defeats Truman! Library cartoons'.
Ex: The Condensed Books series holds a unique and ubiquitous book publishing franchise that has vanquished all competitors.
Ex: His army was routed by Government troops in the last battle ever fought on British soil.
Ex: Rebels armed with anti-aircraft guns and Soviet rifles were outgunned by the heavily armed pro-Gadhafi forces.
* derrotar al enemigo = defeat + the enemy.
* derrotar completamente = trounce ; knock + Posesivo + socks off ; walk all over + Alguien ; knock + the socks out of.
* derrotar por la mínima = edge + Nombre + out.
* derrotar por muy poco = edge + Nombre + out.

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