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challenge, dare, invite to engage in a contest; defy


to challenge

(v.) = challenge ; defy ; tax ; throw down + the gauntlet ; dare ; brave.
Ex: The only difference is the cataloger doesn't have to sit down and challenge himself, select one entry over the other, and say that this person is more responsible than another person for the work.
Ex: Some categories of material defy helpful categorisation, and need to be treated as special cases.
Ex: However, the definition of an 'author' has taxed cataloguers for many years.
Ex: And, as if by way of indicating that he had thrown down the gauntlet, he added, 'I can be unpleasant. I warn you'.
Ex: 'Nah,' Kate chuckled, getting his drift, and then said 'I would've just barged in there and dared them to throw me out!' = "No" se rió Kate, entendiendo lo que él quería decir, y después dijo "!Hubiera irrumpido y les hubiese retado a echarme a la calle!".
Ex: The mammoth hunters braved sub-zero temperatures on desolate tundra at least 20000 years earlier than was thought.
* desafiar a la suerte = press + Posesivo + luck ; push + Posesivo + luck ; dance with + the devil.
* desafiar al sistema = beat + the system.
* desafiar la gravedad = defy + gravity.
* desafiar una postura = challenge + attitude.
* desafiar una situación = challenge + situation.
* desafiar un prejuicio = challenge + prejudice.

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