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depression, dejection, dismay
discourage, dishearten, depress

despondency, dispiritedness

(n.) = discouragement ; dismay ; despondency ; dejection.
Ex: Such an approach can lead to confusion and discouragement, and a great deal of energy can be expended on faulty assumptions.
Ex: The author expresses dismay at the nearly total eradication of the arts from schools in America.
Ex: After a 10 year period of existence a real feeling of despondency emerges in the reports of the National Library Service.
Ex: There are also negative qualities such as hate and anger that result in violence and dejection.
* con desaliento = despondently ; dispiritedly ; hopelessly.
(v.) = discourage ; dampen ; dispirit ; dishearten ; dampen + Posesivo + spirits.
Ex: Several pages of entries under one keyword are discouraging to say the least.
Ex: Ten years ago ambition abounded; now risk-taking is out of style and vanguardism has been dampened by a pervasive enthusiasm for the past.
Ex: Adverse fortune may attend us, but it shall never dispirit us.
Ex: It is easy to be disheartened by the negative flow of news, but the strength of our labor market should bolster the confidence of our outlook.
Ex: Despite being physically challenged, the harsh realities of life have failed to dampen her spirits.
* desalentar (de) = deter (from).
* desalentarse = dismay.

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