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rest, repose; diversify; think over


(v.) = break off ; put + Posesivo + feet up ; give + Reflexivo + a break ; lie on + Posesivo + oars ; rest on + Posesivo + oars ; kick + Posesivo + feet up ; kick back ; get + a/some rest ; have + a/some rest ; take + a/some rest.
Ex: During this period the compositors worked non-stop, breaking off only to eat, for the almost incredible period of fifty hours: two days and two nights without rest 'in an atmosphere that would poison a vulture'.
Ex: Don't you think, Juan, that when the reference librarian or somebody from the circulation desk comes down to the staff room after a tough morning, they should be able to put their feet up and enjoy a smoke?.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Give yourself a break; don't give the hacker one. Security breaches'.
Ex: But that is no reason for lying on our oars and refusing to see that our service is full of absurdities and mistakes.
Ex: While we can be proud of what we have achieved I believe resting on our oars is a sure recipe for failure.
Ex: She quietly picked up her book and kicked her feet up on the porch of her new home.
Ex: Whether your tastes differ from mine or not, just kick back, pour yourself a drink and stay right here a little while.
Ex: His doctors have ordered him to get some rest.
Ex: It is worth doing nothing and having a rest; in spite of all the difficulty.
Ex: She said that on top of bronchitis, I was dealing with a virus that just did not want to go away and I needed to take a rest.
* descansar de = take + a split from.
* descansar en = rely on/upon ; lean against.
* descansar la mente = relieve + mind.
* descansar las piernas = rest + Posesivo + legs.
* descansar los ojos = rest + Posesivo + eyes.
* descansar sobre = lean on/upon ; rest on/upon.
* descansar un día = have + a rest day ; take + a day off ; take + a rest day.
* no descansar en + Posesivo + tumba = spin in + Posesivo + grave.
* ¡que descanses bien! = sleep tight!.
* que en paz descanse = R.I.P. [rest in peace].
* sin descansar = without (a) rest ; without a break.

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