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At Ease!, stand at ease !, military command that instructs soldiers to stand in a comfortable but still rigid position
rest, repose; break, intermission; landing; half-time
rest, relaxation; holidays; diversion; pause; intermission
rest, repose; diversify; think over

break, intermission, pause, recess

break he/she rested

= coffee break ; free time ; respite ; recess ; rest ; work break ; half time ; break time [breaktime] ; tea break ; reprieve ; break ; intermission ; relax ; comfort break ; stand at ease!.
Nota: Usado en el contexto de instrucción militar.
Ex: During the coffee break, someone pointed out that most of your readers will look under the term BANTU rather than the technical name.
Ex: On the other hand, a prolonged sequence of interviews can be equally stressful, and 'free time' should be interspersed with the successive appointments.
Ex: There are five types of 'gratification', instrumental, prestige, reinforcement, aesthetic and respite, to be derived from the reading of literature.
Ex: One of the supervisor's jobs is to see that work is prepared for the duty librarian to do during recess and lunchtime.
Ex: If they are non-librarians they might be released after a suitable period of chastisement but librarians should spend eternity there endlessly looking for 'Smith, E.S.' without rest or sympathy.
Ex: The personnel policy should also include a statement concerning number and length of work breaks and a statement regarding attendance at library meetings -- who attends, whether time off with pay and/or travel expenses are awarded.
Ex: The article 'Practitioners v. educators (1-0 at half time)' looks at the problems of selecting students acceptable to both educators and practitioners in librarianship.
Ex: How about staggering lunch hours and break times? We could send smokers at one time and non-smokers at another.
Ex: Course fees include study materials, mid-morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon tea breaks but not accommodation.
Ex: A small, but growing, number of employers are allowing workplace naps; some are actively encouraging this little reprieve from consciousness.
Ex: Deliberate editing requires time, preferably with a break between editing stints.
Ex: In some theaters, it's still not uncommon to have a late start and three long intermissions to give people time to eat and drink and converse.
Ex: Close your eyes and dive into a fantastic mood of relax and freedom!.
Ex: I generally stop for one or two comfort breaks -- they are not planned, just when I need to pee.
Ex: We were instructed how to stand at ease, stand to attention, how to march, execute left, right and about turns and how to come to a halt.
* área de descanso = rest area ; rest stop ; lay-by.
* dar descanso de = give + relief from.
* darse un descanso = give + Reflexivo + a break ; rest on + Posesivo + oars ; have + a/some rest ; get + a/some rest ; take + a/some rest.
* dar un descanso = put + Nombre + to rest.
* descanso con refrigerio = refreshment break.
* descanso de invierno = winterbreak.
* descanso del mediodía = midday break.
* descanso en el camino = rest stop ; comfort break.
* descanso eterno = eternal rest.
* descanso para comer = meal break.
* descanso para fumar = smoke break ; smoking break ; cigarette break.
* descanso para ir al baño = bathroom break.
* día de descanso = holiday ; day off.
* durante el descanso = at breaktime.
* durante + Posesivo + descanso = during + Posesivo + time off.
* lugar de descanso = resting place.
* no hay descanso para los cansados = no rest for the weary!.
* no hay descanso para los malvados = no peace for the wicked! ; no rest for the wicked!.
* período de descanso = rest time.
* sala de descanso = coffee lounge.
* sin descanso = relentlessly ; restlessly ; breathlessly ; unabated ; without a break ; without (a) rest ; day in and day out ; without respite.
* sin un descanso = without a break ; without (a) rest.
* tener un descanso = get + a break.
* tomarse un descanso = take + time out ; take + Posesivo + break ; lie on + Posesivo + oars ; rest on + Posesivo + oars ; take + a break ; get + a/some rest ; have + a/some rest ; take + a/some rest ; go for + a break ; have + a break.
* tomarse un descanso de = take + a split from.
* tomarse un día de descanso = take + a day off ; have + a rest day ; take + a rest day.
* tomarse unos días de descanso = take + a break from work.
* tomar un descanso = take + a breather ; take + a break from work.
* trabajar sin descanso = work off + Posesivo + shoes ; work (a)round + the clock ; work + non-stop.
* un descanso de = a break from.
* un día de descanso = a day away from.
* zona de descanso = rest area.
(v.) = break off ; put + Posesivo + feet up ; give + Reflexivo + a break ; lie on + Posesivo + oars ; rest on + Posesivo + oars ; kick + Posesivo + feet up ; kick back ; get + a/some rest ; have + a/some rest ; take + a/some rest.
Ex: During this period the compositors worked non-stop, breaking off only to eat, for the almost incredible period of fifty hours: two days and two nights without rest 'in an atmosphere that would poison a vulture'.
Ex: Don't you think, Juan, that when the reference librarian or somebody from the circulation desk comes down to the staff room after a tough morning, they should be able to put their feet up and enjoy a smoke?.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Give yourself a break; don't give the hacker one. Security breaches'.
Ex: But that is no reason for lying on our oars and refusing to see that our service is full of absurdities and mistakes.
Ex: While we can be proud of what we have achieved I believe resting on our oars is a sure recipe for failure.
Ex: She quietly picked up her book and kicked her feet up on the porch of her new home.
Ex: Whether your tastes differ from mine or not, just kick back, pour yourself a drink and stay right here a little while.
Ex: His doctors have ordered him to get some rest.
Ex: It is worth doing nothing and having a rest; in spite of all the difficulty.
Ex: She said that on top of bronchitis, I was dealing with a virus that just did not want to go away and I needed to take a rest.
* descansar de = take + a split from.
* descansar en = rely on/upon ; lean against.
* descansar la mente = relieve + mind.
* descansar las piernas = rest + Posesivo + legs.
* descansar los ojos = rest + Posesivo + eyes.
* descansar sobre = lean on/upon ; rest on/upon.
* descansar un día = have + a rest day ; take + a day off ; take + a rest day.
* no descansar en + Posesivo + tumba = spin in + Posesivo + grave.
* ¡que descanses bien! = sleep tight!.
* que en paz descanse = R.I.P. [rest in peace].
* sin descansar = without (a) rest ; without a break.

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