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discompose, confuse; disorganize, disarrange; decompose, separate into simpler compounds, rot

he/she broke down

(v.) = break down ; break into + parts ; break up ; pull apart ; disaggregate ; dissect ; parse ; break out ; break out into.
Ex: The holdings are broken down into several volumes, shown as the next level of the pyramid.
Ex: Break complex statements into parts if you'are not sure how to apply the restrictor.
Ex: Subarrangement at entry terms can break up long sequences of entries listed under the same keyword.
Ex: All these bits of raw material -- these 'chunks of reality' as McNair calls them -- are encapsulated in a carefully organized and well-rounded whole, which the reader must pull apart and put together again.
Ex: Outcomes can be disaggregated along age, class, ethnic, racial, & gender dimensions.
Ex: GMMA has developed a layered approach to visual indexing that dissects the objects, style and implication of each image, so that the indexing system can accommodate all potential approaches to the material.
Ex: This is only possible if the incoming message has an identifiable structure that can be parsed and converted to resemble a protocol message.
Ex: Turnaround managers want current financial and working capital analyses broken out by cost/profit centres.
Ex: The categories in Figure 1 could easily be broken out into additional subdivisions = Las cagegorías de la Figura 1 se puede descomponer fácilmente en subdivisiones adicionales.
* descomponer en = break down into ; break up into.
* descomponer las cosas = take + things apart.
* descomponerse = disintegrate ; rot ; decompose ; putrefy.
* descomponerse en = break into.

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