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describe, depict, give an account of; explain


to describe

(v.) = depict ; describe ; give + an account of ; give + a portrait of ; profile ; render ; portray ; characterise [characterize, -USA] ; paint + a picture ; chronicle ; give + a picture ; picture ; detail ; illustrate.
Ex: Trial procedures aiming to increase service recognition and service usage, and the evaluation thereof, are then depicted.
Ex: Informative abstracts are appropriate for texts describing experimental work, and document with a central theme.
Ex: This article gives some background information on markup systems and gives a brief account of the Standard Generalised Markup Language (SGML).
Ex: This article gives a portrait of Varde public library, due to take possession of a new main library in then central town square.
Ex: He was profiled in April 1972 as the Wilson Library Bulletin front-liner.
Ex: The eventuality is, admittedly, remote but it is also necessary to render the imprint statement in this amount of detail.
Ex: Hardy had a tragic vision of life and that indeed is what the novels portray.
Ex: As a consequence of the dualism of the research library and the public library different organisational schemes developed in the urban library system, which are characterised here in detail.
Ex: The data paint a picture of a fragmented discipline.
Ex: Their work has been chronicled by Boyd Rayward in a readable (but execrably printed) work.
Ex: The 1981 census data was used as a rough guide to give a picture of the area and to compile graphs from these statistics.
Ex: In most cases authors pictured incest as an assault against the innocent, but they often saw the abuser, especially the father, as a victim of himself and he is rarely punished with prison.
Ex: In May 1973 a paper was sent to all universities detailing the norms for university library accommodation, whereby the accommodation entitlements were further reduced to about one in five.
Ex: The presence of eggshells, faecal pellets, and silk threads in association with a mite-like animal illustrates a complex ecosystem.
* describir a grandes rasgos = paint + a broad picture.
* describir con palabras = describe in + words.
* describir con todo lujo de detalles = describe in + graphic detail.
* describir de forma general = outline.
* describir el ascenso a la fama de = chart + the rise of.
* describir el desarrollo de = trace + the development of ; trace + the evolution of.
* describir en líneas generales = outline.
* describir erróneamente = mislabel.
* describir las características de = characterise [characterize, -USA].
* describir una situación = depict + situation.
* no haber palabras para describirlo = beggar + description.
* no hay palabras para describir = beyond words.
* no hay palabras para describirlo = beyond (all) description.

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