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desire, wish; want; will; yearning
desire, wish for, want; covet

desire, want, wish

wish he/she wanted

(n.) = appetite ; desire ; want ; will ; willingness ; wish ; craving ; urge ; thirst ; yearning ; hankering.
Ex: We need to know what and how consumers' information appetites have changed.
Ex: Equally important was the desire to achieve a single text.
Ex: Several possible rules governing the reference interview are examined; one calls for inquiry into client's underlying wants, 'the face value rule', another for inquiry into underlying needs, 'the purpose rule'.
Ex: 'I only wanted to write an interesting tale,' he will say, ignoring that the interest of a story almost always comes from seeing the human will in action -- against chaos or against order.
Ex: The basic answer is a willingness to divert the resources to do it, and the ability to find the resources.
Ex: On Carmichael's face came the look of one who sees the immediate fulfillment of a wish.
Ex: The craving for data to document the status and excellence of library service is very real.
Ex: The urge to mechanize paper-making came at first as much from the papermakers' desire to free themselves from dependence upon their skilled but rebellious workmen as from the pursuit of production economies.
Ex: The thirst grew not just for preservation but for circulation of stories that gave meaning to life and coherence to communities.
Ex: A flood of feeling welled up in him about life and death and beauty and suffering and transitoriness and the yearning of his unsatisfied soul for a happiness not to be found on earth which poured out in 'Ode to a Nightingale'.
Ex: In order to keep her girlish figure, she is on a prescription weight diet, but hasn't solved her hankering for cheese.
* amoldarse al deseo de Alguien = bend itself to + Posesivo + will.
* contra el deseo de Alguien = against + Posesivo + will.
* deseo de = hunger for ; lust for ; greed for.
* deseo de aventura = thirst for adventure.
* deseo de cooperación = engagement.
* deseo de matar = bloodlust.
* deseo explícito = explicit wish.
* deseo + hacerse realidad = wish + come true.
* deseo inconsciente de morir = death-wish.
* deseo insaciable = insatiable desire.
* deseo por aprender = thirst for knowledge.
* deseo sexual = lust ; sexual desire.
* despertar el deseo = arouse + hunger.
* expresar los deseos de uno = make + Posesivo + wishes known.
* falta de deseo = unwillingness.
* fuente de los deseos = wishing well.
* hacer realidad + Posesivo + deseo = fulfil + Posesivo + wish.
* lista de deseos = wish list.
* pedir un deseo = make + a wish ; mounting problems.
* pozo de los deseos = wishing well.
* quitar el deseo = suffocate + desire.
* satisfacer el deseo = satisfy + appetite.
* satisfacer el deseo de Uno por = indulge + Posesivo + taste for.
* sentir el deseo de = have + an/the inclination to ; get + the urge to ; feel + the urge to.
= be keen to ; desire ; long (for) ; want ; wish ; reach out for ; crave ; lust (for/after/over) ; yearn (for) ; crave for ; itch for ; hanker (for/after) ; have + a hankering for ; ache for ; feel up to.
Ex: Hosts are less keen to standardise, although the EURONET Common Command Language has been adopted by various hosts, and there is some recognition of the potential benefits to the user of greater standardisation.
Ex: Some types of indexing are appropriate where it is desired to concentrate effort on generating good indexes.
Ex: After you have chosen a story you long to tell, read it over and over and then analyse it.
Ex: On other occasions a user wants every document or piece of information on a topic traced, and then high recall must be sought, to the detriment of precision.
Ex: Step 1 Familiarisation: A searcher must be adequately familiar with that which he wishes to retrieve.
Ex: If people want regimentation which relieves them of responsibility, how then do you explain parents reaching out for control of schools, disdaining the help of experts.
Ex: Mayo maintained that workers are motivated by 'togetherness' and crave individual recognition within the group = Mayo mantenía que los trabajadores se motivan por la solidaridad y anhelan el reconocimiento individual dentro del grupo.
Ex: These two women were Samaria and Jerusalem, lusting after foreigners and foreign ways, and abandoning their god for shallow and ephemeral pleasures.
Ex: Since time immemorial, people have yearned for an immediate way to capture living moments in a picture.
Ex: With all of the things that make up our daily grind, we often find ourselves craving for the next getaway, for the next relaxation period.
Ex: It seems like he's itching for a change but doesn't know exactly the direction or directions to pursue in order to accomplish the change.
Ex: More than hankering after the past, I am worried about the future.
Ex: If you have a hankering for dill pickles, your body may be trying to do a better job of controlling your blood sugar and weight.
Ex: The conscious mind many times aches for, longs for and craves stability = Muchas veces la mente consciente anhela, añora y ansía la estabilidad.
Ex: Patients who wear contact lenses will be able to wear them whenever they feel up to it = Los pacientes que usan lentes de contacto las podrán usar siempre que lo deseen.
* dejar bastante que desear = leave + a lot to be desired ; leave + much to be desired.
* dejar mucho que desear = fall (far) short of + ideal ; leave + a lot to be desired ; leave + much to be desired.
* dejar que desear = leave + something + to be desired ; leave + a bit to be desired.
* de la manera que + desear = in the manner of + Posesivo + choosing.
* deseando desesperadamente realizarse = crying to come out.
* desear a Algo o Alguien toda la suerte del mundo = wish + Nombre + every success.
* desear a Alguien lascivamente = lech ; have + a lech for.
* desear a Alguien lo mejor (para el futuro) = wish + Nombre + all the best (for/in the future).
* desear a Alguien mucha suerte (en el futuro) = wish + Nombre + all the best (for/in the future).
* desear a Alguien toda la suerte del mundo = wish + Nombre + all the luck in the world.
* desear ardientemente = gag for.
* desear fuertemente que Algo desaparezca = will + Nombre + away.
* desearle a Alguien que se mejore pronto = wish + Nombre + a speedy recovery.
* desearle a Alguien que se recupere pronto = wish + Nombre + a speedy recovery.
* desearle a Alguien que tenga un buen día = bid + Nombre + good day.
* desearle a Alguien una pronta mejoría = wish + Nombre + a speedy recovery.
* desearle a Alguien una pronta recuperación = wish + Nombre + a speedy recovery.
* desear mucha suerte a Alguien = wish + Nombre + the (very) best of luck.
* desear suerte = cross + Posesivo + fingers ; touch + wood ; knock on + wood ; keep + Posesivo + fingers crossed.
* desear suerte a Alguien = wish + Nombre + luck.
* desear vivamente = be eager to.
* despedirse de Alguien deseándole que todo vaya bien = wish + well.
* estar deseando = be raring to.
* estar deseando que = look forward to (+ Gerundio).
* hacer lo que + Pronombre + corazón + desear = do as + Posesivo + heart + desire.
* que desee(n) = of + Posesivo + (own) choice ; of + Posesivo + (own) choosing.
* según se desee = at will.
* si así lo desean = should they so wish.
* sin desearlo = unwantedly.
* vérselas y deseárselas para = have + all the trouble in the world to ; have + Posesivo + hands full.

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