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march past; parade, procession
parade, troop, march in a procession




(n.) = pageant ; procession ; parade.
Ex: The reader is like her: he sits watching the diverse pageant of human thought and human feeling passing across the gleaming mirror of literature.
Ex: That passage contains an alliterative procession of half-rhymed words and too many commas.
Ex: These include: matching characters with nursery rhymes; quizzes; colouring and cutting out; treasure hunts; fancy dress parades; making words of jumbled letters; and a pets' parade.
* desfile de caballos = cavalcade.
* desfile de modas = fashion show ; catwalk show.
* desfile de modelos = designer ramp show ; fashion show ; catwalk show.
* desfile militar = military tattoo ; military parade.
* desfile motorizado = cavalcade.
* plaza de desfiles = parade ground.
* relativo al desfile militar = marching.
(v.) = parade.
Ex: A boy was paraded naked with "I am thief" written on his stomach and back for allegedly stealing a dress from a boutique where he worked.
* hacer desfilar = parade.

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