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(n.) = displacement ; move ; navigation ; travel ; dislocation ; travelling [traveling, -USA] ; roaming ; movement.
Ex: It is still the same inexorably literal logic which must ultimately glance into the chaos, and small differences create infinite displacements between records.
Ex: Better flexibility is achieved if the heating, ventilation and lighting can accommodate this move without the need for any alterations.
Ex: The function of the index is examined both technically and philosophically as a tool for navigation and spatial orientation in large textual data bases.
Ex: There is a preference for a deep-plan building in order to provide maximum flexibility and minimum horizontal travel.
Ex: The group recognized that their special information needs arose out of their dislocation from family, friends and established information networks and their need to adjust to a new environment.
Ex: This has proved a useful way of reducing some of the problems of distance and cost in relation to both travelling and telephone calls.
Ex: At a time when fixed telecommunications costs and prices were failing, the prices for mobile roaming were spiralling out of control.
Ex: She is a dynamic dancer and expresses her movements with ultimate power.
* ayuda para el desplazamiento = travel grant.
* barra de desplazamiento = space bar.
* beca de desplazamiento = travel grant.
* corta distancia de desplazamiento = easy travelling distance.
* desplazamiento diario entre la residencia y el lugar de trabajo = commuting.
* desplazamiento en autobús = bus trip.
* desplazamiento por medio del ordenador = computer commuting.
* dieta de desplazamiento = travel allowance.
* dietas de desplazamiento = travel costs.
* distancia de desplazamiento = travel distance.
* flechas de desplazamiento del cursor hacia la izquierda/derecha = left/right arrows.
* gastos de desplazamiento = travel costs ; travelling expenses ; travel expenses.
* tecla de Bloquear Desplazamiento = Scroll Lock key.
* tecla de desplazamiento del cursor = arrow key.
* tecla de desplazamiento hacia abajo = ↓ (Down) key ; down arrow key.
* tecla de desplazamiento hacia arriba = ↑ (up) key ; up arrow key.

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