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then, afterwards, later, subsequently, after

hereafter, afterwards hereinafter, after, afterward, afterwards

later later

= afterward(s) ; later ; then ; in the aftermath ; in later years ; later on ; thereafter.
Ex: We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.
Ex: Later, after examining maps of the area he may discover that the area that he is really interested in is Parliament Hill.
Ex: A set of government publications could be filed alphabetically by the issuing bureau, and then by title of the particular series in numerical order.
Ex: This article discusses the features of the library's disaster planning which had been overlooked but could have reduced the severity of the problems encountered in the aftermath.
Ex: In later years, the famous book mythological significance of muddy footprints introduced me to the ancient Hippopotamian culture.
Ex: Later on, his findings were developed and specified in numerous studies by pedologists and vulcanologists.
Ex: At the two extremes, the order may simply be decided for each topic as and when it arises, and followed thereafter.
* algún tiempo después = some time later.
* antes o después de = either side of.
* depósito de préstamos después de las horas de apertura = after-hours book drop.
* después de = after ; following ; subsequent to ; in the wake of ; no sooner than.
* después de algunas vicisitudes = after a few fits and starts.
* después de algunos trompicones = after a few fits and starts.
* después de conseguir empleo = postappointment.
* después de eso = thereafter.
* después de la contratación = post-employment [postemployment].
* después de la escuela = after-school hours ; after-school time.
* después de la prueba = posttest [post-test].
* después de la queja = postcomplaint [post-complaint].
* después de la reclamación = postcomplaint [post-complaint].
* después del examen = posttest [post-test].
* después del horario de trabajo = after hours [after-hours].
* después del horario normal = after hours [after-hours].
* después de lo cual = whereupon.
* después del parto = postpartum.
* después de tanto tiempo = after so long ; after such a long time.
* después de todo = after all ; when (all/everything) is said and done.
* después de todo lo dicho y hecho, es más lo dicho que lo hecho = after all is said and done, more is said than done.
* después de unos minutos = after a little while.
* después de un ratito = after a little while.
* después de un rato = after a little while ; after a while.
* después de un rato, al rato, después de un tiempo = after a while.
* después de un tiempo = after a while.
* Expresión Temporal + después = Expresión Temporal + on.
* Fecha + d.C. (Después de Cristo) = AD [A.D.] + Fecha (Anno Domini).
* foto después de acabado = after picture.
* foto tomada después, = after picture.
* incluso después de = even after.
* inmediatamente después = thereupon [thereon].
* inmediatamente después de = fast on the heels of ; on the heels of ; on the coattails of ; immediately following ; straight after ; immediately after.
* ir después de = go after ; come after.
* justo después de = immediately after ; right behind ; right after ; on the heels of ; on the coattails of ; straight after ; immediately following.
* loción para después del afeitado = aftershave lotion ; aftershave.
* morir después que = outlive.
* muchísimo tiempo después = ages and ages hence.
* mucho tiempo después = ages and ages hence ; many moons later.
* mucho tiempo después (de que) = long after.
* no mucho después = not long after.
* Número + años después = Número + years on.
* píldora del día después = morning-after pill.
* poco después = soon afterwards ; shortly afterwards ; shortly after ; not long after.
* poco después de = soon after (that) ; shortly after.
* poco después de que = shortly after.
* poco tiempo después = shortly afterwards.
* seguir después de = come after.
* ser después de = come after.
* unos pocos minutos después = a few minutes later.
* venir después de = come after.
* venir justo después de = come on + the heels of.

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