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dispel, dissipate

(v.) = fade (away/out) ; fall into + obscurity ; fall out ; perish ; vanish ; evaporate ; dissolve ; wither ; banish ; blow away ; fizzle out ; etherealise [etherealize, -USA] ; fade into + obscurity ; fade into + oblivion ; disappear into + the blue ; vanish into + the blue ; wear off ; end up in + smoke ; go up in + smoke ; fade from + view ; disappear from + view ; recede from + view.
Ex: Trails that are not frequently followed are prone to fade, items are not fully permanent, memory is transitory.
Ex: The acid rain literature illustrated the 1st paradigm, where journals from the unadjusted literature were thrust forward in the adjusted literature, and no unadjusted journal fell into obscurity.
Ex: So when the 1908 ALA rules superseded Cutter's rules, the whole provision for bringing together editions fell out, and we didn't have them until the AACR.
Ex: A data base must respond to a dynamic reality in which terms, 'strain, crack and sometimes break under the burden, under the tension, slip, slide, perish, decay with imprecision, will not stay in place, will not stay still'.
Ex: She seized her sweater and purse and vanished.
Ex: It is pointless to create interest if it is then allowed to evaporate because the books cannot be obtained.
Ex: He adjusted himself comfortably in the chair, overlapped his legs, and blew a smoke ring that dissolved two feet above her head.
Ex: The article 'Whither libraries? or, wither libraries' urges the profession to seriously consider its role in an electronic society.
Ex: Microcomputers sets the stage for an interactive environment that can banish the 'master-slave' architecture of television and its progeny, the culture of passivity.
Ex: Its prediction that, with the passing of years, the taint of scandal will blow away, looks over-optimistic.
Ex: Over the weekend, she started three articles and each one fizzled out for lack of inspiration.
Ex: The entire hardware of Western industrialism has been obsolesced and 'etherealized' by the new surround of electronic information services.
Ex: But he may be put under house arrest, a dire fate for a man who is terrified of fading into obscurity.
Ex: The music industry as we know it is slowly fading into oblivion.
Ex: We're all puzzled by the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle where hundreds of boats and planes have disappeared into the blue leaving no trace at all.
Ex: All about the plane round puffs of white smoke suddenly appeared, broke, and vanished into the blue.
Ex: We're all familiar with the idea of novelty value and how it wears off with time.
Ex: There was a similar event in North Korea, but the difference is that the North Korean coup ended up in smoke.
Ex: With a damaged car, having to make a pit stop to change his front wing, the potential of a second place finish went up in smoke.
Ex: In the case of vessels, the light is absorbed by the hemoglobin within the veins, causing them to shrink and fade from view.
Ex: How long did it take Titanic to sink between the time it hit the iceberg and the time it disappeared from view?.
Ex: Outside, winter's grip was receding from view, giving way to birds and flowers and the warming Virginia breeze.
* desvanecerse la luz = light + fail.
* esperanza + desvanecerse = Posesivo + hope + fade.

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