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certain, particular, specific; determined, decided, resolved
resolute, determined; specific, particular; appointed


(adj.) = determined ; set ; purposeful ; dogged ; determinate ; unwavering ; agreed ; desired ; hell-bent ; certain ; resolute ; given.
Ex: The fifteenth edition, published in 1951, represented a determined effort to update and unify the schedules.
Ex: With a set number of categories the specificity of the headings to be included in the index must be determined to a large extent.
Ex: Undue haste and panic can be minimized by calm, purposeful behavior that is reassuring to the public.
Ex: The last 50 years of academic librarianship have seen a dogged search for standards.
Ex: There is no coherent and determinate body of legal doctrine and the categories available for classifying legal problems simply mask the incoherency and indeterminacy of legal doctrine.
Ex: Savage's greatest claim to the attention of present-day librarians is his inspiring and unwavering belief in the value of librarianship.
Ex: Such reports are sent to 'correspondents' in the member states; these correspondents are responsible for forwarding the reports to an agreed list of destinations in their own country.
Ex: Arguably, before one tries to understand what current action would be optimal, one should decide on the desired eventual outcome.
Ex: Fuller's novel make for a form of intellectual clarity, even if that clarity, paradoxically, is expressed in a ferocious hell-bent manner.
Ex: The same is true for personal names, for subject headings or descriptors, for certain types of titles, for classification numbers, for call numbers, and so on = Lo mismo ocurre en el caso de los nombres personales, los encabezamientos de materia o descriptores, cierto tipo de títulos, los números de clasificación, las signaturas topográficas, etc.
Ex: The work on gaining acceptance for disabled people in the 1980s is to become more resolute in the 1990s in the name of social justice.
Ex: The notation for any given geographical division varies between classes and between different parts of the same classes.
* determinado de antemano = pre-established [preestablished].
* determinado por el consumidor = consumer-driven [consumer driven].
* determinado por el usuario = customer driven [customer-driven].
* determinado por la genética = genetically-driven.
* determinado por los genes = genetically-driven.
* dispositivo de desconexión automática transcurrido un tiempo determinado = time out mechanism.
* en determinadas ocasiones = sometimes ; on particular occasions.
* en ocasiones determinadas = on any one occasion.
* en un día determinado = on a given day.
* en un momento determinado = at a particular point in time ; on any one occasion.
* en un + Nombre + determinado = in any one + Nombre.
* número determinado de = nth.
(v.) = determine ; establish ; fix ; work out ; have + a say in.
Ex: This assignment of intellectual responsibility is important, as we have seen earlier, since it determines the heading for the main entry.
Ex: The intention is to establish a general framework, and then to give exceptions or further explanation and examples for each area in turn.
Ex: One of the functions which I have not specified is that the underlying ideology represented by the AACR aims first at fixing a location for an author and then for a work.
Ex: The details of how the assignment of numbers by authorized agencies would be controlled have yet to be worked out.
Ex: Native Americans are determined not only to remain in control of their art but also to have a say in how it is interpreted.
* determinar el futuro = shape + the future.
* persona aún por determinar = nomen nominandum [N.N.].
* sin determinar = undefined.
* volver a determinar = respecify.

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