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detain, arrest; delay; confine; keep, hold onto

they stop

(v.) = halt ; stop ; suspend ; staunch [stanch, -USA] ; check ; detain ; stunt ; stem + the tide of ; arrest ; apprehend ; shut down ; imprison ; jail [gaol, -UK] ; make + an arrest ; place under + arrest ; take into + custody ; pull over ; put on + hold ; stem ; gaol [jail, -USA] ; hold + Nombre + against + Posesivo + will.
Ex: Consequently, a freeze-frame or still-picture effect can be achieved by simply halting the movement of the head across the disc.
Ex: Program function key 1 (FP1) tells DOBIS/LIBIS to stop whatever it is doing and go back to the function selection screen.
Ex: The appearance of this volume aroused such a furor within and without the British Museum that further publication of the catalog was suspended.
Ex: Some notable progress is being made worldwide in staunching publishers' losses.
Ex: They concluded that 'our citizens may rationally prefer to check crime and disorder by ounces of educational prevention, than by pounds of cure in the shape of large 'lockups' and expensive suits before the law'.
Ex: Juan Carlos is a blind lawyer, activist and volunteer librarian who has been imprisoned without trial since March, when he was detained for peacefully protesting the arrest of a journalist.
Ex: True personal discrimination cannot be forced by exercises in selecting the good and rejecting the bad by the application of stock critical formulas: it may indeed be stunted.
Ex: This article discusses some strategies that are being developed to stem the tide of losses caused worldwide by piracy.
Ex: Librarians have been known to devote time to entrap and arrest individuals who use the library toilets for sexual purposes = Hay casos de bibliotecarios que han dedicado tiempo a atrapar y detener a individuos que utilizan los servicios de la biblioteca con fines sexuales .
Ex: Due to this fortunate circumstance, a thief who had been systematically purloining rare books from the Library was apprehended.
Ex: Cyberattacks involve routers acting at a predesignated time or trigger time and flooding various targeted Web sites with data -- effectively shutting down the Web site.
Ex: Juan Carlos is a blind lawyer, activist and volunteer librarian who has been imprisoned without trial since March, when he was detained for peacefully protesting the arrest of a journalist.
Ex: In 1892 Klas Linderfelt, the then ALA President, was jailed for 4 days on charges of embezzling more than $4,000 from library funds.
Ex: They do do everything from issuing parking and speeding tickets to making arrests.
Ex: The driver was placed under arrest by the state police for driving while under the influence of alcohol.
Ex: A couple convicted of tax evasion was taken into custody after a five-month-long standoff with federal agents.
Ex: Since cops were given the go-ahead to pull over people for not wearing seat belts, state troopers have become creative about spotting scofflaws.
Ex: But for the time being, the natural gas boom has been put on hold until we find out what's really going on.
Ex: Scientist urges human papillomavirus jabs for boys to stem oral cancer rise.
Ex: He has been gaoled for 16 years for terrorism and child pornography offences.
Ex: A Texas woman tearfully told jurors Monday that she was 'scared to death' and held against her will by her employer after being drugged and sexually assaulted.
* continuar sin detenerse = go + straight ahead.
* detener a Alguien en seco = stop + Nombre + (dead) in + Posesivo + tracks ; stop + Nombre + cold.
* detener bruscamente = halt + in full flight.
* detener búsqueda = discontinue + search.
* detener completamente = bring to + a (grinding) halt.
* detener contra + Posesivo + voluntad = hold + Nombre + against + Posesivo + will ; hold + Nombre + against + Posesivo + will.
* detener en el camino = waylay.
* detener la mirada en = rest + Posesivo + gaze on ; rest + Posesivo + eyes on.
* detener los ojos en = rest + Posesivo + eyes on ; rest + Posesivo + gaze on.
* detenerse = become + stagnant ; break off ; sit back ; stall ; pull up ; run into + the sand(s) ; stop over ; draw up.
* detenerse antes de = stop + short of.
* detenerse a pensar = pause + to think ; step back ; take + a step back ; pause for + thought.
* detenerse a pensar en = spare + a thought for.
* detenerse a reflexionar = stand back.
* detenerse completamente = grind to + a (screeching) halt ; come to + a (dead) halt ; come to + a shuddering halt ; grind to + a standstill.
* detenerse derrapando = skid to + a halt.
* detenerse en el camino = stop along + the way.
* detenerse en el lado del camino = pull over.
* detenerse por completo = come to + a standstill ; be at a standstill ; grind to + a standstill.
* detenerse por un momento = pause.
* estar detenido = be under arrest.
* ser detenido = be under arrest.
* si nos detenemos a reflexionar sobre ello = on reflection.
* tiempo + detenerse = time + stand still.

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