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(adj.) = shattered ; devastated ; bereft ; desolate.
Ex: It is clear that it will take a considerable period to fully assess the damage and loss and even longer to begin to rebuild damaged infrastructure and shattered communities.
Ex: The most devastated countries have seen almost no debt relief, and most of the bank's aid has come in the form of loans, not grants.
Ex: I recalled how bereft we felt when we lost our son and how friends and neighbours rallied round and offered a shoulder to cry on.
Ex: The first option means fighting the resistance, brutalizing, barbarizing and dehumanising both ourselves and our victims, and resulting, at best, in a desolate and desocialized state.
* devastado por la guerra = war-torn.
(v.) = devastate ; wreak + devastation ; rack [wrack] ; wreak + destruction ; lay + waste to ; shatter ; desolate.
Ex: The article 'Sorting a mountain of books' relates how when the law library was devastated by fire what had been a library became a jumble of 100,000 books and periodicals.
Ex: This article describes the experiences of a fledgling information system in dealing with a hurricane which wreaked devastation on some of the most remote areas of Hawaii = Este artículo describe las experiencias de un sistema de información nuevo al verse afectado por un huracán que devastó algunas de las zonas más remotas de Hawaii.
Ex: Both countries that have been wracked for the last ten years by violent civil wars.
Ex: The author laments the demise of the paper card catalogue as a 'paroxysm of shortsightedness and antiintellectualism' on the part of over zealous librarians, wreaking destruction in a class with the burning of the library at Alexandria.
Ex: The mutilation of periodicals is laying waste to vital and expensive periodical collections in all kinds of library across the USA, and it seems to strike academic libraries with particular virulence.
Ex: Her feeling of well-being was soon rudely shattered.
Ex: You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs; you cannot destroy the practices of barbarism which for centuries have desolated Africa without the use of force.

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