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devour, eat; demolish; live off


to devour

(v.) = devour ; chew up ; eat + Posesivo + way through ; consume ; feast on.
Ex: A wholly estimable rush of enthusiasm on the part of IT staff could devour all available spare resources overnight if severely rationed 'hands on' experience time was exceeded.
Ex: Cattle ranches are chewing up the Amazon rainforest.
Ex: After demolishing the cakes and sandwiches, pots of tea and buns laid on the table, he proceeded to eat his way through the contents of the fridge.
Ex: Consuming large amounts of coconut oil can turn out harmful for health, suggest experts.
Ex: The author reports work since 1991 on building information carnivores, which intelligently hunt and feast on herbivores in Unix, on the Internet, and on the WWW.
* devorar la impaciencia = chafe at + the bit ; champ at + the bit ; chomp at + the bit.
* devorarse Algo = eat + Nombre + alive.

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