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dictionary, reference source which provides information on a given list of terms (i.e. translations, meanings, spelling, pronunciation, etc.); list of items with corresponding information used for reference; thesaurus, dictionary of synonyms

dictionary, vocabulary


(n.) = dictionary ; dictionary.
Nota: En una base de datos documental, índice que recoge las palabras que aparecen en los documentos ordenadas alfabéticamente y con referencia al número de documentos en que aparecen.
Ex: Form headings (such as congresses, dictionaries, directories) were recommended by the BM code, and caused some problems later.
Ex: We can open the title word dictionary to check for spelling variations of our search term by pressing 'Alt-D'.
* catálogo diccionario = dictionary catalogue ; dictionary file ; dictionary cataloguing.
* diccionario biográfico = biographical dictionary.
* diccionario de medicina = medical dictionary.
* diccionario especializado = subject dictionary.
* diccionario etimológico = etymological dictionary.
* diccionario geográfico = gazetteer.
* diccionario médico = medical dictionary.
* las Reglas de Cutter para un Catálogo Diccionario = Cutter's Rules for a Dictionary Catalog.
* parecido a un diccionario = dictionary-like.

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