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difficult, hard; complicated; tender, delicate; awkward; painful

difficult, hard, inconvenient difficult

difficult difficult

(adj.) = arduous ; demanding ; difficult ; intractable ; laborious ; painful ; taxing ; tough ; thorny ; delicate ; tortuous ; hardscrabble ; obstinate ; bumpy ; dicey ; uphill ; problematic ; problematical ; hard ; testing ; hard-going.
Ex: Plays and music performances put on by staff and children require less arduous preparation than a full-length public performance.
Ex: It is clear to me that they face a professional role that will be far more complicated and far more demanding that the one we have known.
Ex: It's already difficult to find a lot of these things as it is, but it would be absolute irresponsibility to go to a title-main entry.
Ex: Unfortunately, these factors simultaneously make the resolution of the situation more intractable.
Ex: The next step was a rather painful, laborious manual effort.
Ex: The next step was a rather painful, laborious manual effort.
Ex: It is difficult to remember the special interests of more than a few people, and hence rather taxing to provide SDI manually to more than a handful of users.
Ex: As educators, then, we need to ask ourselves some very tough questions -- some to which we would rather not hear the answers.
Ex: The article 'The comfortable pew is a thorny throne' reviews the technological, political, philosophical, professional and educational issues associated with filtering access to information.
Ex: Despite the incompetence of most eighteenth-century block-makers, woodcuts never quite disappeared, and they returned to favour in the delicate form called 'wood-engraving' at the end of the hand-press period.
Ex: The promulgation of Community law represents the culmination of an often tortuous legal process whose main features are laid down in the Treaty of Rome.
Ex: And so, from its hardscrabble beginnings to immediate time, Wexler has lead a varied existence, changing from shipping point for fruit to resting place for travelers = Y por lo tanto, desde sus comienzos difíciles hasta el presente, Wexler ha llevado una vida variada, pasando de ser un centro de recepción y envío de fruta a un lugar de descanso para los viajeros.
Ex: It is not wise, by the way, to approach the author by telephone for this puts him on the spot and he may refuse simply in self-defense and especially if you happen to butt in when he is struggling with an obstinate chapter in a new book.
Ex: The article is entitled 'The big bumpy shift: digital music via the Internet'.
Ex: Predicting the future is dicey.
Ex: Promoters of this tax will have an uphill fight and the cultural objections will be very great.
Ex: This attitude is based on the waste bin decision process widely used in political and educational organisations, which tend to have open-ended goals, problematic preferences, hazy technology, and poor feeback.
Ex: The manufacture of these high-density chips is problematical.
Ex: The amount of stuffing in the balls was varied to suit the nature of the work; large, soft balls with weak ink were used for low-grade work; small, hard balls and strong ink for work of better quality.
Ex: This is but brief thanks for providing such ready help and with such genial civility in these testing days of general difficulty.
Ex: I found this book to be hard-going at first, but it sure finished up with a bang!.
* ahorrar para cuando lleguen tiempos difíciles = save for + a rainy day ; put aside for + a rainy day.
* algo muy difícil = a tough sell.
* aprender de la forma más difícil = learn + the hard way.
* asunto difícil = prickly issue ; thorny issue ; thorny question ; prickly question.
* aunque parezca difícil = difficult though it may seem ; difficult as it may seem.
* comienzo difícil = bumpy start.
* cuando las cosas se ponen difíciles = when the going gets tough.
* cuestión difícil = poser ; prickly issue ; prickly question.
* de difícil explicación = defy + explanation.
* de difícil solución = intractable.
* de la forma más difícil = the hard way.
* difícil de aceptar = hard to swallow.
* difícil de agradar = choosy .
* difícil de complacer = choosy ; high maintenance.
* difícil de comprender = difficult to understand.
* difícil de conseguir = difficult to come by.
* difícil de contentar = choosy ; high maintenance.
* difícil de descifrar = cryptic.
* difícil de distinguir = indistinguishable.
* difícil de encontrar = hard-to-find.
* difícil de entender = cryptic.
* difícil de gestionar = unmanageable.
* difícil de gestionar + Adjetivo = unmanageably + Adjetivo.
* difícil de hacer = hard to do.
* difícil de localizar = irretraceable.
* difícil de manejar = clumsy ; unwieldy.
* difícil de masticar = chewy .
* difícil de obtener = difficult to come by.
* difícil de seguir = heavy going.
* difícil de sustituir = hard to replace.
* difícil de tratar = unruly.
* empezar por lo más difícil = plunge in at + the deep end.
* en circunstancias difíciles = under difficult circumstances.
* en condiciones difíciles = under difficult conditions.
* encontrar Algo demasiado difícil = be out of + Posesivo + league.
* encontrar Algo difícil = have + a hard time ; have + a tough time ; have + a rough time.
* encontrar difícil = find + Nombre + difficult ; find + Nombre + hard.
* encontrar difícil de explicar = be hard put to explain.
* encontrar difícil + Infinitivo = find it hard to + Infinitivo.
* encontrar muy difícil = be hard-pushed to.
* encuadernado de tal modo que es difícil de abrir completamente = tightly bound.
* en épocas difíciles = in times of need.
* enfrascado en lo más difícil = in at the deep end.
* enfrascar a Alguien de lleno en lo más difícil = throw + Nombre + in at the deep end.
* enfrascarse en lo más difícil = swim in + the deep end ; jump in at + the deep end ; plunge in at + the deep end.
* en momentos difíciles = in + Posesivo + hour of need.
* en tiempos difíciles = in times of need ; in + Posesivo + hour of need.
* hacer (aun) más difícil = make it + (even) harder.
* hacer difícil = make it + difficult ; make + difficult.
* hacerlo difícil (de + Infinitivo) = make it + hard (to + Infinitivo).
* las viejas costumbres son difíciles de erradicar = old habits die hard.
* mecanismo de reducción de situaciones difíciles = threat-reduction mechanism.
* meter a Alguien de lleno en lo más difícil = throw + Nombre + in at the deep end.
* meterse de lleno en lo más difícil = plunge in at + the deep end.
* meterse de lleno en lo más difícil = swim in + the deep end ; jump in at + the deep end.
* metido en lo más difícil = in at the deep end.
* muy difícil de explicar = defy + explanation.
* muy difícil de traducir = defy + translation.
* pasarlo difícil = have + a hard time.
* pasarlo difícil, tener dificultades = find + times hard.
* pasarlo muy difícil = have + a tough time ; have + a rough time.
* pasar por momentos difíciles = have + a hard time.
* período difícil = tough period.
* por muy difícil que parezca = difficult though it may seem ; difficult as it may seem.
* pregunta difícil = poser.
* pregunta difícil de responder = awkward-to-handle enquiry.
* problema difícil = poser ; prickly problem.
* problema difícil de resolver = tough nut to crack ; hard nut to crack ; brain tickler.
* resultar difícil = find + problems.
* resultar difícil de conseguir = prove + elusive.
* ser Algo demasiado difícil para = be in over + Posesivo + head ; be out of + Posesivo + depth.
* ser algo difícil = be a tall order.
* ser difícil = be a stretch.
* ser difícil de bregar = be a (real) handful.
* ser difícil de conseguir = be hard to get ; be hard to come by.
* ser difícil de creer = beggar + belief.
* ser difícil de encontrar = be hard to find.
* ser difícil de lograr = be hard to get.
* ser difícil de obtener = be hard to come by ; be hard to get.
* ser difícil de pronunciar = be a (bit of a) mouthful.
* ser difícil de superar = take + some beating.
* ser muy difícil = be hard-pushed to.
* situación difícil = hardship ; predicament.
* tan difícil como (lo) parece = as difficult as it seems.
* tan difícil como suena = as difficult as it sounds.
* tarea difícil = hard task.
* tarea muy difícil = uphill struggle.
* tenerlo difícil = not be easy ; have + Posesivo + hands full ; have + Posesivo + plate full.
* tiempos difíciles = embattled time(s) ; trying times ; hard times ; tough times ; difficult times ; rough times.

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