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spread; diffuse; broadcast, transmit; bruit; radiate

(v.) = disseminate ; promulgate ; publicise [publicize, -USA] ; report ; diffuse ; propagate out to ; cascade ; propagate ; bruit ; trumpet ; spread (over/throughout).
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado y participio spread.
Ex: The UKLDS or the UK Library Database System is a proposal from the Cooperative Automation Group (CAG) which was first disseminated in a discussion paper published in 1982.
Ex: This practice has been adopted by a number of national cataloguing codes promulgated since that time.
Ex: A variety of extension activities, such as book clubs, competitions and quizzes also help to publicize the stock and the work of the library.
Ex: Criticism is not appropriate in a style which aims to report, but not comment upon the content of the original document.
Ex: As everywhere, research in library and information science in Australia is diffused over the myriad topics that make up the field.
Ex: We must develop and study intelligent interfaces that propagate out to the information universe and report back to us.
Ex: This project is designed to provide a network of practising librarians with a programme in educational methods and skills which can then be disseminated, or 'cascaded', to a wider network of professional colleagues.
Ex: The update, once started, propagates through the database, respecting local integrity rules for each affected object.
Ex: Among many observations in this widely bruited report, one in particular struck home: fewer books had been translated into Arabic in a millennium than were translated into Spanish in a year.
Ex: Just weeks after trumpeting the results of a military offensive, the Pakistan army suddenly finds itself under attack on multiple fronts.
Ex: This should illustrate rather dramatically how failure to adopt a single well-defined form of name could spread entries throughout the alphabet.
* difundir buena imagen de = earn + credit for.
* difundir el conocimiento = spread + knowledge.
* difundir el evangelio = spread + the gospel.
* difundir información = hand out + information.
* difundir la imagen = spread + the good word ; pass on + the good word.
* difundir la noticia = spread + the word ; spread + the good word ; pass on + the good word ; spread + the news.
* difundir lo ocurrido = spread + a story.
* difundir lo que pasó = spread + a story.
* difundir mentiras = spread + lies.
* difundir noticias = broadcast + news.
* difundirse = find + Posesivo + way ; percolate.
* difundir una idea = spread + a view ; spread + an idea ; circulate + Posesivo + idea.
* difundir un mensaje = spread + a message.
* difundir un rumor = spread + a rumour.
* noticias + difundirse = news + spread.

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