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diligence, sedulity; demarche; coach
deal with, handle, take care of; process, subject to series of procedures


it obtains

(n.) = stagecoach.
Ex: The town of Wexler was hacked out of the wilderness, and for many years it stood alone in the forest, a halting place in the long stagecoach journey from eastern localities to the unknown West.
* asaltar una diligencia = rob + a stagecoach.
* asalto a diligencia = stagecoach robbery.
(n.) = diligence ; industry.
Ex: If these guidelines are not adhered to with due care and diligence, financial damage to the library can result = Si no se siguen estas directrices con el debido cuidado y atención, el resultado puede ser que la biblioteca sufra daños económicos.
Ex: In fact, the terms of the contrast are highly ambivalent: order vs. anarchy, liberty vs. despotism, or industry vs. sloth, and also dissimulation vs. honesty.
* con diligencia = sedulously ; industriously ; studiously.
* con mucha diligencia = diligently.
(n.) = charge ; proceeding ; legal proceedings.
Ex: No less prestigious an authority than a Royal Commission was appointed to inquire into the charges brought against the man principally responsible for that volume.
Ex: Enter the official proceedings and records of criminal trial, impeachment, courts-martial, etc., under the heading for the person or body prosecuted.
Ex: In 1900, a 'Public Libraries Bill' was passed containing a provision exempting library managers and authorities from legal proceedings for libel.
* instruir diligencias = institute + proceedings.
* instruir una diligencia = deliver + charge.

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