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dam, barrier to obstruct the flow of water, dike

dike, dam


(n.) = dam ; levee ; seawall ; embankment ; dike [dyke].
Ex: The article 'Poland: the dam breaks' outlines the history of severe censorship restrictions in Poland = El artículo "Polonia: la presa revienta" describe en líneas generales la historia de las fuertes restricciones de la censura en Polonia.
Ex: The author considers whether the librarian should be a filter, providing only those materials considered appropriate, or a levee holding back the floodwaters of publications and proliferating information.
Ex: A violent storm breached the seawall caused widespread flooding of the area including the library.
Ex: Side-effects on the environment include beaches losing sand because of seafront embankments, littoral dunes deteriorating and marinas becoming silted.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Holes in the dike: is Cambridge Scientific publisher losing water?.
* construcción de diques = diking [dyking].
* construir un dique = dike [dyke].
* dejar en el dique seco = mothball ; put out to + pasture ; put out to + grass ; put + Nombre + out of action.
* dique rompeolas = breakwater dike.
* dique seco = dry dock.
* en el dique seco = in dry dock ; in the wilderness ; dry spell.
* estar en el dique seco = be out of action.

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