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direct; guide, lead, instruct; manage; command; supervise, produce (a play, movie, etc.); conduct

I direct

(v.) = channel ; direct ; gear (to/toward(s)/for) ; lead ; man ; pitch ; route ; run ; steer ; head ; signpost ; give + direction ; angle ; rule over ; lend + direction ; shepherd ; choreograph ; key + Nombre + to.
Ex: Users make suggestions for modifications and these are then channelled through a series of committees.
Ex: This statement directs the user to adopt a number more specific terms in preference to the general term.
Ex: Most of the main subject headings lists are geared to the alphabetical subject approach found in dictionary catalogues.
Ex: A book index is an alphabetically arranged list of words or terms leading the reader to the numbers of pages on which specific topics are considered, or on which specific names appear.
Ex: The responsibility for manning the one telephone left at the disposal of a residue of callers fell to a single officer who had other duties to carry out to justify his keep.
Ex: Thus pitching instructions at the right level can be difficult.
Ex: Requests which cannot be filled by local or regional libraries are automatically routed by the system to NLM as the library of last resort.
Ex: The service is run by Radio-Suisse and can be accessed via de PSS.
Ex: They decided that they had to set up information and referral services to steer people to the correct agency.
Ex: A stickler for details, sometimes to the point of compulsion, Edmonds was deemed a fortuitous choice to head the monumental reorganization process.
Ex: There is a need for a firststop organization that could signpost the public through the maze of government agencies and social welfare organizations.
Ex: To give direction to these physical resources, there are objectives for the project and a framework timetable.
Ex: This publication seems to find particular favour in law firms, possibly because of its currency and the way it is angled towards the commercial world.
Ex: From the impressive library of his mansion home on Beacon Hill, Ticknor ruled over Boston's intellectual life and was looked to as the leading arbiter of intellectual and social life in that great city.
Ex: Policies are guidelines that lend direction to planning and decision-making.
Ex: He showed the ability of a single mind to shepherd cultural ventures.
Ex: Response to reading room theft should be carefully choreographed but decisive.
Ex: The case study found that children do have the ability to use a classification scheme that is keyed to their developmental level.
* dirigir a = direct at.
* dirigir a un mercado más barato = downscale ; downmarket.
* dirigir el cotarro = call + the shots ; be the boss ; call + the tune ; rule + the roost ; run + the show.
* dirigir el esfuerzo = direct + effort ; direct + energy.
* dirigir información a = direct + information towards.
* dirigir interpretación musical = conduct.
* dirigir la atención = put + focus.
* dirigir la atención a = turn to ; direct + Posesivo + attention to(ward).
* dirigir la mirada hacia = look toward(s).
* dirigir la palabra = be civil towards.
* dirigir los intereses de uno = break into.
* dirigir + Posesivo + atención = turn + Posesivo + attention (to) ; turn + Posesivo + thoughts.
* dirigir + Posesivo + atención a un problema = turn + Posesivo + attention to problem.
* dirigir + Posesivo + mirada = turn + Posesivo + thoughts.
* dirigir + Posesvio + vida = run + Posesivo + life.
* dirigirse a = direct at.
* dirigirse directamente a = go + straight (in)to.
* dirigir una compañía = run + a company.
* dirigir una crítica hacia = level + criticism at.
* dirigir una empresa = run + a company ; run + a business.
* dirigir una tesis = supervise + dissertation ; supervise + thesis.
* dirigir un negocio = run + a business.
* dirigir un servicio = run + a service.
* lectura no dirigida = undirected reading.

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