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enjoy, delight, take pleasure in


(v.) = enjoy ; take + pleasure ; wallow in ; find + enjoyment ; derive + enjoyment ; get + a kick ; get off on ; get + Posesivo + kicks (out of/from).
Ex: The contentment can only be alarming, however, in the context both of the needs of information education for the future and the much higher levels of resources enjoyed by the principal competitors of SLIS.
Ex: Just as Ivan finds that by taking pleasure in an extra piece of food he makes survival possible and beats Stalin and his jailors at heir own game.
Ex: This has produced the matriarchal system in society on the one hand, and well-rounded libraries organized under the slogan 'Libraries are for wallowing in' on the other.
Ex: Come to reading willingly, seeking many pleasures from books, and you soon find enjoyment.
Ex: The skill of the author lies in being able to tell the story in such a way that the reader will suspend disbelief and derive enjoyment from what is basically a simple story skilfully told.
Ex: I get a kick when I'm on my racing bike, and when I have my skates on it's out of this world.
Ex: She sounds like she enjoys having people under her thumb and gets off on the whole control thing.
Ex: It's hard to believe she stands by a man who gets his kicks out of beating her black and blue everynight.
* disfrutar al máximo = enjoy + every minute of ; love + every minute of it.
* disfrutar al máximo (de) cada momento = enjoy + each moment to the full(est).
* disfrutar cada minuto de = enjoy + every minute of.
* disfrutar como un enano = love + every minute of it ; have + a ball ; have + a whale of a time ; enjoy + every minute of ; have + the time of + Posesivo + life ; live it up ; have + a field day ; have + a blast.
* disfrutar de = get + pleasure from ; revel in ; get + a buzz from ; get + a kick out of ; get + a bang out of ; roll in ; relish ; enjoy.
* disfrutar de buena salud = be in good health.
* disfrutar (de) cada momento = enjoy + each moment.
* disfrutar de la gloria ajena = bask in + reflected glory.
* disfrutar de la situación = ride + the wave(s).
* disfrutar (de) la vida = sail through + life ; enjoy + life.
* disfrutar (de) la vida al máximo = enjoy + life to the full.
* disfrutar (de) la vida a tope = enjoy + life to the full.
* disfrutar (d)el momento = enjoy + the moment.
* disfrutar de lo lindo = have + a ball ; live it up ; have + the time of + Posesivo + life ; have + a field day ; have + a blast.
* disfrutar del sol = bask in + the sun.
* disfrutar del triunfo ajeno = bask in + reflected glory.
* disfrutar de todas las ventajas = have + the best of both worlds.
* disfrutar de una buena salud = enjoy + good health.
* disfrutar de una oportunidad = enjoy + opportunity.
* disfrutar de una pensión = draw + a pension.
* disfrutar de un cigarro = enjoy + a smoke.
* disfrutar + Gerundio = be a joy to + Verbo.
* disfrutar muchísimo = have + a ball ; have + the time of + Posesivo + life ; live it up ; have + a field day ; have + a blast.
* disfrutar tomando el sol = bask.
(v.) = be a joy to + Verbo.
Ex: So it was a joy to take a stroll down memory lane and revisit some of their most poignant and funny moments as described in the book.

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