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resources; readiness; availability


(n.) = availability ; provision ; readiness ; availability.
Nota: En el trabajo de referencia, proporción de búsquedas de material bibliográfico que el usuario realiza satisfactoriamente durante su visita.
Ex: Cross-classification, or the availability of more than one place for a subject, is quite common in a discipline oriented scheme, that is a scheme which starts by producing main classes which coincide with major disciplines.
Ex: Some school libraries are becoming involved in life-long learning but local government and public libraries must take responsibility for provisions for this.
Ex: A readiness and a trend towards consistency is a prerequisite to the success of centralised cataloguing.
Ex: Availability refers to the proportion of user searches for library materials that are successful at the time of the user's visit.
* depender de la disponibilidad = be based on availability.
* dependiendo de la disponibilidad = based on availability.
* dependiendo de la disponibilidad de + Nombre = subject to availability of + Nombre.
* disponibilidad operativa = operational readiness.
* falta de disponibilidad = unavailability.
* según disponibilidad = based on availability.

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