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distinct, different; diverse, varied; several; separate


(adj.) = alternative ; dissimilar ; different ; discrete ; disparate ; distinct ; separate ; unconnected.
Ex: An appreciation of alternative approaches is particularly important in this field where trends towards standardisation are the norm.
Ex: It is the identification of similarities and differences, enabling one to group together things which are similar, and separate them from things which are dissimilar.
Ex: A variable length field takes different lengths in different records.
Ex: Composite documents are documents which contain two or more discrete subjects.
Ex: It is the distinct syntactical relationships in these subjects which are responsible for their being two disparate topics.
Ex: There are two fundamentally distinct avenues to the construction of the schedules of a classification scheme.
Ex: One of the most obvious of the limitations of this approach is that it is difficult to decide what constitutes a separate work.
Ex: To take some very common examples, many academic libraries will not answer any enquiries at all from people unconnected with the university.
* algo distinto de = something other than.
* algo muy distinto de = a far cry from.
* distinto de = other than.
* distintos = any of a number of.
* en distinta medida = differing ; in varying measures ; in varying degrees.
* en distintas ocasiones = at different times ; at various times ; on several occasions.
* en distinto grado = in varying measures ; differing ; to varying degrees ; in varying degrees.
* en distintos formatos = multiform.
* en distintos momentos = at different times ; at various times.
* en un lugar distinto a = somewhere other than.
* ser algo completamente distinto = be nothing of the sort.
* tener dos pareceres distintos = be in/of [USA] two minds.

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