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divided, split, asunder
divide, separate into parts; apportion; part; separate; share; excrete
break up, divide; be divided




(adj.) = compartmentalised [compartmentalized, -USA] ; polarised [polarized, -USA] ; splintering ; cloven ; divided ; forked.
Ex: A paradox of the rise of the 'electronic office' is that it has led to a compartmentalized structure of office organization.
Ex: This novel describes the consequences of a murder committed for good cause, as well as examining the meaning of obligation, community, and honor in a polarized society = Esta novela describe las consecuencias de un asesinato cometido por una causa justa al mismo tiempo que examina el significado de la obligación, la comunidad y el honor en una sociedad dividida.
Ex: Publishers will have to deal with a splintering market and to produce a variety of publication formats.
Ex: It is a very old belief that the Devil always appears with a cloven foot as a distinguishing mark.
Ex: This kind of marriage was traditionally associated with a desire to rejoin divided properties.
Ex: One theory suggests that the forked section of the hieroglyph represents an animal's legs with the central shaft as the body or elongated neck (like a giraffe).
* dividido en disciplinas = discipline-oriented [discipline oriented].
* dividido en segmentos = segmented.
* familia dividida = divided family.
* opiniones divididas = divided opinions.
* opinión + estar dividida = opinion + be divided.
(v.) = break down ; partition ; tell out into ; sort out + Nombre + from + Nombre ; split up ; drive + a wedge between ; dissect ; segment ; split ; break out ; parcel out ; splinter ; section ; balkanise [balkanize, -USA] ; rive ; rend.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado y participio rent.
Ex: The holdings are broken down into several volumes, shown as the next level of the pyramid.
Ex: Punctuation is present in order to partition the elements of a citation and should contribute to its comprehension.
Ex: The finished paper was sorted for imperfections and told out into quires and reams for sale.
Ex: Ward's study is likely to remain a standard reference source for years to come, but trying to sort out the generalities from the particularities is a very difficult business.
Ex: In any case it is best to split up the work among all those involved, having an adult in charge of each group.
Ex: While the current problems associated with serial economics have driven a wedge between vendors, librarians and publishers, they should be cooperating and communicating in order to withstand the information explosion.
Ex: GMMA has developed a layered approach to visual indexing that dissects the objects, style and implication of each image, so that the indexing system can accommodate all potential approaches to the material.
Ex: So, the state-of-the-art in speech recognition requires the speaker to pronounce words with definite pauses between them, or else it starts with segmenting the speech on the basis of its acoustical features.
Ex: In the mechanised paper fibre process individual pages are soaked and split so that acid-free paper can be put between the two layers.
Ex: Turnaround managers want current financial and working capital analyses broken out by cost/profit centres.
Ex: Can libraries parcel out digitization responsibilities among themselves?.
Ex: The computers in education movement has further splintered rather than integrated these communities.
Ex: They have achieved this by dividing their building into public-oriented and research-oriented levels and sectioning each level into thematic areas.
Ex: The scholarly system has become balkanized into autonomous, even antagonistic, cultures or camps based on differing technological competencies and interests.
Ex: The novel presents a social world riven by contradictions that can best be understood through Marxian categories.
Ex: Christian Science, a faith that has epitomize a quiet, disciplined spirituality, is being rent by discord.
* divide y vencerás = divide-and-conquer.
* dividir Algo en partes iguales = divide + Nombre + in equal parts.
* dividir con una cortina = curtain off.
* dividir en = divide (into) ; partition into ; split into ; divide onto.
* dividir en dos = halve ; bisect ; rend in + two.
* dividir en partes = break into + parts.
* dividir en trozos = split into + bits.
* dividir en zonas = zone.
* dividir por medio = rend in + two.
* dividir + Posesivo + fuerzas = fragment + Posesivo + energies ; fragment + Posesivo + energies.
* dividirse = branch ; fork.
* dividirse en partes = fall into + parts.
* producir dividendos = pay + dividends.

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