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divulge, reveal, tell, disclose

disclose, divulge

(v.) = disseminate ; promulgate ; divulge ; bruit ; promote ; popularise [popularize, -USA].
Ex: The UKLDS or the UK Library Database System is a proposal from the Cooperative Automation Group (CAG) which was first disseminated in a discussion paper published in 1982.
Ex: This practice has been adopted by a number of national cataloguing codes promulgated since that time.
Ex: Wittingly or unwittingly, they mask other questions that users do not know how to ask or are uncertain that they want to divulge to someone else.
Ex: Among many observations in this widely bruited report, one in particular struck home: fewer books had been translated into Arabic in a millennium than were translated into Spanish in a year.
Ex: Initially, it is necessary that the scheme be published and available for purchase, and that its use is generally promoted.
Ex: The information explosion has created a demand for analysing, organising and disseminating information and has popularised the subject approach to information.
* no ser divulgado = be out of the public eye.

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