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taming, act of domesticating; act of bringing into submission
break in, train a beginner; tame, break


* doma de exhibición = dressage.
* doma ecuestre de exhibición = dressage.
* pista de doma = dressage ring ; dressage arena ; manege.
(v.) = tame ; break + Nombre + in ; domesticate.
Ex: The problem reside in the fact that they environment we seek to tame and control is an open, unstructured dynamic process, while human organizations are static and highly resistant to change.
Ex: You'll never wear your combat boots until they're comfortable, and this is the fastest and easiest way to break them in.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Domesticating the computer terminal: a plan to increase our understanding of how men use machines'.
* domar la fiera = tame + the beast.

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