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dominion, rule; division of the Internet according to country and type of organization (Computers); command, mastery; control, authority
domino, flat rectangular object with two halves that are blank or marked with dots (used to play the game of dominoes)
dominate, control, rule, command

strengh, power domino


(n.) = DOMINO ; domino.
Ex: This article describes the architecture and the main features of DOMINO, a multimedia information retrieval system whose data base is a collection of multimedia documents (MDs) constituted of a mixing of texts and images.
Ex: Unlike most of their fellow workers, they have 'primitive' social interests, limited to games of cards & dominoes, & are heavy drinkers.
* efecto dominó = knock-on effect ; chain reaction.
* efecto dominó, el = ripple effect, the ; domino effect, the.
* jugar al dominó = play + dominoes.
(n.) = area ; dominance ; realm ; command ; mastery ; domain ; domination ; dominion ; grip ; pervasiveness ; primacy ; preserve ; rule ; sway.
Ex: The area in which standards for bibliographic description have had the most impact is in catalogues and catalogue record data bases.
Ex: The arrangements should also negotiate resistance to perceived 'American dominance', erode price differentials between Europe and the US, and permit each country to support its own online services.
Ex: Nevertheless, this situation does not appropriately demonstrate what is normally conceived to be the realm of indexing systems.
Ex: Businesses are using all of the new communicating technological developments to increase their command over the information they need.
Ex: The library has proven to be an imperfect panacea, and the librarian has suffered a definite loss of mastery.
Ex: The CRONOS data bank includes a FISH domain, with data on catches and fleet statistics, and the COMEXT data bank covers the external trade statistics of fisheries.
Ex: He cautions, however, that this approach can also mean domination of one person by another.
Ex: The author reviews the sources of information relating to the emigration of Indians to the various British dominions, colonies and other countries for the period 1830-1950.
Ex: It is therefore often hard to escape the grip of the official phraseology for fear that, in doing so, the meaning of the material will be altered or lost.
Ex: New technologies are leading to a gradual recognition of the importance of information and of its pervasiveness throughout society and the economy.
Ex: The article is entitled 'The classification of literature in the Dewey Decimal Classification: the primacy of language and the taint of colonialism' = El artículo se titula "La clasificación de la literatura en la Clasificación Decimal de Dewey: la primacía del lenguaje y el daño del colonialismo".
Ex: This article discusses the role of the librarian, who may view on-line as either status-enhancing or their own preserve.
Ex: The British in Malaya used education as a divisive factor to prolong their rule, while the Americans in the Philippines adopted a 'Philippines for the Filipinos' policy = Los británicos en Malaya usaron la educación como un factor divisorio para prolongar su dominio, mientras los americanos en las Filipinas adoptaron una política de "Las Filipinas para los filipinos".
Ex: During this period Africa was influenced by external forces as the Islamic states of the north extended their sway south.
* afianzar el dominio sobre = tighten + Posesivo + grip on.
* análisis de dominios del conocimiento = domain analysis.
* base de datos de dominio público = public domain database.
* de dominio público = publicly owned [publicly-owned].
* dominio completo = stranglehold.
* dominio de las personas con más edad = senior power.
* dominio del conocimiento = knowledge domain.
* dominio de una lengua extranjera = language proficiency.
* dominio perfecto = a fine art.
* dominio público = public domain.
* dominio total = stranglehold.
* entrar dentro del dominio de = fall under + the umbrella of.
* nivel de dominio medio = working knowledge.
* nombre de dominio = domain name.
* programa de dominio público = public domain software.
* ser de dominio público = be public domain ; be out in the open.
* ser el dominio de = be the domain of.
(v.) = dominate ; dominate + the scene ; get + command of ; tame ; subdue ; master ; command ; conquer ; preponderate ; overtake ; overlook ; gain + control (over/of) ; get + a grip on ; tower above/over ; pervade ; hold + sway (over) ; be king ; lord over ; lord it over ; keep + a tight hold on ; reign ; henpeck ; wrap + Nombre + around + Posesivo + finger.
Ex: The ideology advocated by Panizzi has since dominated not only Anglo-American but Western cataloging generally.
Ex: This may have something to do with the absence of CABx, who seem to have dominated the scene in other states.
Ex: The great storyteller, FC Sayers, having advised the beginner to 'steep himself in folklore until the elemental themes are part of himself,' explains how best to get command of a tale.
Ex: The problem reside in the fact that they environment we seek to tame and control is an open, unstructured dynamic process, while human organizations are static and highly resistant to change.
Ex: Anyway, experience had taught him that a subordinate who attempts to subdue a superordinate is almost always lost; the superordinate has too many advantages in such a contest.
Ex: The library director strove to master his frustration.
Ex: Very few engravers commanded the necessary artistry.
Ex: The tools and technologies provided by the Internet enable scholars to communicate or disseminate information in ways which conquer the barriers of time and space.
Ex: The indexing languages used in science and technology were first in the field, and still preponderate, both in areas covered and in number.
Ex: E-Books, while a curiosity and a lot of fun, do not seem to be overtaking the mass market.
Ex: In this sense the British Council libraries may be seen as a window, overlooking the British Isles, their virtues and characteristics.
Ex: Gradually many of these conquerors came to realize that, although military might was necessary to gain control over an area, sheer force of arms was not sufficient to govern effectively.
Ex: The article 'Getting a grip on change' argues that only by confronting the challenges and inevitability of change can libraries retain their relevancy in the information age.
Ex: Prague represents a unique collection of historical monuments dominated by Prague Castle towering high above the city.
Ex: I strongly believe that we must cultivate a more positive attitude towards change in the field of library work, and that this attitude must pervade all levels of librarianship.
Ex: This ideology appealed widely to the librarian as well as the library user and held sway for nearly a quarter of a millennium when, in 1841, a catalytic event in the history of cataloging took place.
Ex: Despite the electronics invasion, books are still king, and book fairs keeps on growing every year.
Ex: She argues that the way yeoman farmers lorded over their wives and dependents was similar to the way wealthy planters lorded over their slaves.
Ex: They believe that the main use for government is for some people to lord it over others at their expense.
Ex: A study of telly-addicts has found that in 45 per cent of homes mums keep a tight hold on the remote control.
Ex: After reigning for sixteen years, Gandash was succeeded by his son.
Ex: I believe a man is henpecked when his wife or girlfriend controls him like a puppet on a string.
Ex: As for the cats, Ta-Shi will keep them wrapped around her accursed finger long enough to seal their fate.
* dominar a Alguien = have + Nombre + under + Posesivo + thumb ; bring + Nombre + under + Posesivo + sway.
* dominar aún más = tighten + Posesivo + grip on.
* dominar el miedo = conquer + fear.
* dominar la situación = tame + the beast.
* dominar por completo = sweep + the board.
* dominar una destreza = master + skill.
* dominar una técnica = master + technique.
* la mano que mece la cuna es la mano que domina el mundo = the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

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