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aureate, gilt, golden
dorado; gilding
plate, gild; brown
brown; turn

golden, gilding




(adj.) = gold ; gilt ; gilding ; golden-brown ; browning ; golden.
Ex: It was a grand day, one of those dazzling spectacular blue and gold days of early fall.
Ex: Various skins were used for leather bindings -- calf, goat, and sheep were the commonest -- and the surface was often decorated with heated brass tools, either using gold leaf (gilt) or plain (blind).
Ex: Clobbering is a form of decoration where the original designs or patterns have been disregarded or deliberately altered or disguised by overpainting with enamels and/or gilding.
Ex: Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until golden-brown -- if the profiteroles are too pale they will become soggy when cool.
Ex: Check in occasionally and make sure the liquid hasn't completely boiled off and nothing is burning (though a bit of browning is desirable).
Ex: Bake the pudding for 30-35 minutes until golden on the surface and bubbling around the edges.
* chorlito dorado = golden plover.
* con abundantes dorados = heavily gilt.
* edad dorada = golden age ; golden years.
* el silencio es dorado = silence is golden.
* época dorada = glory days.
* pasa dorada = sultana.
(v.) = gild ; sear ; brown.
Ex: The cut edges of the book might then be sprinkled or brushed with colour or (less commonly) marbled or gilded.
Ex: Searing meat is the process for caramelising the sugars present in meat and forming an aesthetic crust around its surface.
Ex: The sausages were browned on the hob before being transferred to a casserole dish.
* dorar la píldora = sweeten + the pill ; spin-doctor ; take + the bite out of ; sugar + the pill ; sugar-coat + the pill ; sugar-coat ; take + the teeth out of.
* hierro para dorar = hot tool.
* prensa para dorar = arming press.

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