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dormitory; bedroom; dormer

dormitory, bedroom


(n.) = bedroom ; sleeping room ; bedchamber.
Ex: Tom Jones hiding in a particular copse with Molly Seagrim, Marvell lying in a certain garden, Dimitri Karamazov in that prison cell, Will and Anna in that cottage bedroom.
Ex: No sleeping room of a hotel shall include cooking facilities unless the they have been approved by the building department having jurisdiction over the hotel.
Ex: In the past, this royal consummation would take place in front of the royal family in the royal bedchamber in relative privacy.
* barrio dormitorio = bedroom community.
* ciudad dormitorio = dormitory.
* dormitorio principal = master bedroom ; master suite.
* mobiliario de dormitorio = bedroom furniture.
* muebles de dormitorio = bedroom furniture.

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