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blessed, blest; gifted
outfit; portion; endow



(adj.) = gifted.
Ex: She must try to convince him that no single individual, no matter how gifted, can any longer grasp the innumerable facets of modern corporate effort.
* bien dotado = well-equipped ; well-endowed ; well-resourced ; well-hung.
* bien dotado de medios = well-resourced.
* bien dotado de personal = well-staffed.
* bien dotado de recursos = well-resourced.
* dotado de = possessed of ; armed with.
* dotado de ruedas = wheeled.
* dotado de tecnología moderna = modern-equipped.
* pobremente dotado = under-resourced.
(v.) = equip ; furnish (with) ; resource ; fit out.
Ex: We do not pretend to have equipped you with an instant expertise in the subject analysis and classification of documents.
Ex: One of the definitions of 'organise' is to furnish with organs, make organic, make into living being or tissue.
Ex: Britain's maritime defences are not properly resourced or co-ordinated to deal with the threat of terrorist attack, MPs has warned.
Ex: To get full use out of them, however, you have to fit them out with accessories.
* dotar con un don = endow with + gift.
* dotar de = equip with ; provide with ; endow (with) ; supply with ; arm with ; gift + Nombre + with.
* dotar de/con = kit out with.
* dotar de fondos a una biblioteca = stock + library.
* dotar de medios = resource.
* dotar de plantilla = staff.
* dotar de recursos = resource.
* dotar de una perspectiva histórica = historicise [historicize, -USA].
* volver a dotar = re-equip [reequip].

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