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drainage, drainage piping


drain , drainage

(n.) = draining ; drainage ; drain.
Ex: Again, in Agriculture there are divisions for general Operations (Irrigation, draining, Ploughing, Stock management, etc.).
Ex: The benefits to be gained from using fund assistance to help with local authority capital projects on roads, drainage, industrial sites, etc., were obvious.
Ex: The intravenous drip replaces the fluids lost by the constant drain of diarrhoea.
* colocar un trozo de maceta sobre el agüjero de drenaje = crock + the pot.
* colocar un trozo de tiesto sobre el agüjero de drenaje = crock + the pot.
* divisoria de drenaje = watershed.
* drenaje para inundaciones = flood drainage.
* orificio de drenaje = drain hole.
* sistema de drenaje = drainage system.
* tapón de drenaje = drain plug.
* tubo de drenaje = grommet.

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