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cocaine, drug used to relieve pain (highly addictive); dope, addictive drug; drug, natural or artificial substance used as a medication; narcotic
dope, drug


it drugs

(n.) = drug ; illegal drug ; dope.
Ex: For example, 'FIND: drug and abuse' retrieves records that contain these two words but also locates records that contain the words drug and sexual abuse (and not necessarily drug abuse).
Ex: Colombia's Police Chief has said the government would continue to fumigate the country's crops of coca, the plant used to make cocaine, in the fight against illegal drugs.
Ex: He started with cocaine and it turned to crack, that's what happened to him -- good to see him back though, say nope to dope kids!.
* abuso de las drogas = drug abuse.
* adicción a las drogas = drug habit.
* alijo de drogas = drug cache ; drug haul.
* bajo los efectos de las drogas = under the influence of drugs.
* capo de la droga = drug baron ; drug lord ; drug kingpin.
* comercio de drogas = drug trade.
* consumidor de drogas = drug user.
* consumir drogas = do + drugs.
* consumo de drogas = drug use.
* delincuente relacionado con las drogas = drug offender.
* delito de drogas = drug offense.
* delito relacionado con las drogas = drug offense.
* droga de club = club drug.
* droga de diseño = club drug ; designer drug.
* droga de fiesta = club drug.
* droga dura = hard drug.
* droga ilegal = illicit drug.
* guerra contra las drogas = war on drugs.
* libre de drogas = drug-free.
* lucha contra las drogas = war on drugs.
* magnante de la droga = drug lord.
* magnate de la droga = drug kingpin ; drug baron.
* mundo de las drogas = drug culture.
* prueba de detección de consumo de drogas = drug testing.
* relacionado con las drogas = drug-related.
* resistente a las drogas = drug-resistant.
* traficante de drogas = drug trafficker ; drug runner ; drug smuggler ; drug pusher ; drug dealer ; drug mule ; drug courier.
* tráfico de drogas = trafficking in drugs ; drug traffic ; drug trafficking ; drug trade.
* tráfico ilegal de drogas = illicit drug trafficking.
* usar drogas = do + drugs.
(v.) = drug.
Ex: A British family were drugged and robbed as they slept on a French train on their way to a holiday on the Mediterranean coast.
* drogarse = get + high ; do + drugs.

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