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doubtful, dubious, uncertain



(adj.) = suspect ; dodgy ; doubtful ; dubious ; questionable ; suspicious ; suspicious ; unconvinced ; dicey ; uncleared ; iffy ; rocky ; borderline ; fishy [fishier -comp., fishiest -sup.] ; fly-by-night ; dubious-sounding ; controversial ; fluk(e)y .
Ex: The utility, in information service terms, of a narrow technical education is suspect.
Ex: The statistical procedures from Czchekoslovakia and Romania have been pretty dodgy and unsatisfactory.
Ex: Without AACR is doubtful whether computerised cataloguing would have been implemented so relatively painlessly and successfully = Sin las RCAA es dudoso que la catalogación automatizada se hubiera implementado tan fácilmente y con tanto éxito, relativamente hablando.
Ex: On no account should the schedules of a classification scheme be modified in order to gain some dubious advantage of this kind.
Ex: It was questionable if the talent available was fit for the rather specific purposes of SLIS.
Ex: This can make them reluctant to accept or suspicious of outside help.
Ex: This program can also discover misconfigured or faulty applications that generate suspicious data traffic.
Ex: Many educators still remain unconvinced of the value of school libraries in the school.
Ex: Predicting the future is dicey.
Ex: Its relation to cognitive impairment is as yet uncleared.
Ex: I think we have some chance to get Friday in, but Saturday is dead meat without any doubt whatsoever and Sunday is pretty iffy.
Ex: The English is a little rocky on this lovely web site but we have it on good word that the original French is très bien.
Ex: An indication that the Commission would be prepared to accept a borderline project would provide a useful lever when the application is passed to the UK Government.
Ex: This is when children are not really concerned with scientific truth; they believe in Father Christmas anyway, even if there lurks the suspicion that there is something rather fishy about it all.
Ex: What I was reading about looked like a really genuine and reliable way of earning good money that didn't involve some fly-by-night, get-rich-quick scheme.
Ex: But I seem to get an awful lot of people trying to interest me in dubious-sounding business propositions.
Ex: The last 3 years while grants were available saw a rise in loans, readers and outreach services, a controversial stock revision and scrapping were carried out and a PC was taken in use.
Ex: Really, we're all sure you're wonderful but your flukey dog has less to do with you and more to do with genetic weirdness than anything else.
* con dudosa reputación = disreputable.
* conseguido de manera dudosa = ill-gotten.
* estar dudoso = be doubtful ; be in/of [USA] two minds.
* proceder dudoso = unfair practice.
* que parece dudoso = dubious-sounding.
* ser dudoso = be doubtful.

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