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sweet, dulcet, pleasant
sweetmeat, candy, trifle

gentle, soft, sweet, tender



(n.) = cake.
Ex: Music from 1907 was played and a cake was shared with the public.
* dulce de membrillo = quince jelly.
* dulces = confectionery.
* panecillo dulce = sweet bun.
(adj.) = sugary ; mellifluous ; sweet .
Ex: Sugary soft-drinks are over 20 times more popular than fresh fruit drinks and milk combined.
Ex: Many thrushes sing complex mellifluous songs that delight human listeners.
Ex: It was a sweet, sharp, sunshiny morning in early October, and Bogardus felt good.
* agua dulce = freshwater [fresh water].
* de carácter dulce = sweet-natured.
* dulce de carácter = sweet-natured ; sweet-tempered.
* ¡dulces sueños! = sweet dreams!.
* el dulce aroma del éxito = the sweet smell of success.
* gustar mucho lo dulce = have + a sweet tooth.
* gusto por lo dulce = sweet tooth.
* hacer dulce = make + sweet.
* maíz dulce = sweet corn.
* marinero de agua dulce = landlubber.
* panecillo dulce = sweet roll ; sticky roll ; sticky bun.
* pez de agua dulce = freshwater fish.
* sabor dulce = sweetness.
* tan dulce como la miel = as sweet as honey ; as sweet as they come.
* tortuga de agua dulce = terrapin.
* vino dulce = sweet wine.
(adj.) = gentle ; sweet-tempered ; sweet-natured.
Ex: Melanie Stanton broke into a gentle laugh as she recalled him executing a shuffling fandango and announcing mischievously, 'Women in the SLA, get ready, here I come!'.
Ex: She was as pretty as a flower and as sweet-tempered as well.
Ex: He is a bit simple, but quite sweet-natured.

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