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hardly, rough; hardily; hard (Latin America)
hard; tough; stale; intensive; severe; adamant
5 peso coin in Spain
endure, continue on in spite of difficulty; continue, keep doing something; hold out


five pesetas it lasted

(v.) = endure ; last ; run + Expresión Temporal ; run over ; stay in + place ; go on for ; stretch over.
Ex: This code had an important impact upon cataloguing practices in the United States and the United Kingdom, and endured for over half a century.
Ex: Their assignments lasted from four months to one year in such diverse posts as Chile, Finland, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Mauritius, and Turkey.
Ex: This session ran from May 1979 to October 1980.
Ex: An initiative for environmental education which will run over the next few years focuses on Victoria region by region.
Ex: A data base must respond to a dynamic reality in which terms, 'strain, crack and sometimes break under the burden, under the tension, slip, slide, perish, decay with imprecision, will not stay in place, will not stay still'.
Ex: House prices are soaring by more than 20 per cent a year in many areas -- and the boom could go on for 20 years.
Ex: Expenses must be calculated closely so that money is stretched over the whole month.
* debate + durar = debate + rage ; debate + simmer.
* durar algún tiempo = last (for) + a while.
* durar cierto tiempo = last (for) + a while.
* durar eternamente = last + forever ; last (for) + ages.
* durar hasta + Fecha = run into + Fecha.
* durar más que = outlive.
* durar mucho = last + long ; go + a long way.
* durar mucho rato = take + a (really/very) long time.
* durar mucho tiempo = last + long ; last (for) + a long time.
* durar para siempre = last + forever.
* durar poco = be short term.
* durar tiempo = take + time ; take + long ; last (for) + a while.
* durar toda la vida = last (for) + a lifetime.
* durar toda una vida = go on + for a lifetime ; last (for) + a lifetime.
* durar una eternidad = last (for) + ages ; last + forever.
* lo que se mama de niño dura toda la vida = the child is father of the man.
* que dura todo el año = year-(a)round.
* que dura todo un año = year-long.
* todo lo bueno dura poco = all good things (must) come to an end.
(adj.) = harsh ; severe ; stiff ; tough ; flinty ; hard ; stern ; rough ; rugged ; hard-nosed ; unfeeling ; tough-minded ; hard-line ; hardy ; hard-wearing ; gruelling [grueling, -USA] ; testing.
Ex: In this unhappy pattern SLIS are not being singled out for especially harsh treatment.
Ex: Obviously if it were not for the fact that such indexes also have severe limitations there would be little need to produce any other type of subject index.
Ex: Ironically, however, the internal organisation walls librarians have built to categorise materials by format remain stiff and solid.
Ex: As educators, then, we need to ask ourselves some very tough questions -- some to which we would rather not hear the answers.
Ex: 'I wish she'd tell me when she asks one of my people to do something,' she added in the same flinty tone.
Ex: The amount of stuffing in the balls was varied to suit the nature of the work; large, soft balls with weak ink were used for low-grade work; small, hard balls and strong ink for work of better quality.
Ex: There are two good reasons for this stern rule.
Ex: The changes for the latter group are going to be abrupt, and rough -- very revolutionary.
Ex: The article 'Where no drive has gone before: ruggedized CD-ROM drives' provides examples of conditions where CD-ROM drives need to be particularly rugged (severe industrial conditions, severe shock and vibration conditions, and severe military conditions).
Ex: Companies must adopt a hard-nosed attitude in judging the cost benefits of teletext.
Ex: The discourteous, unfeeling, & degrading reception encountered by job applicants is discussed.
Ex: Carnegie was a conservative, rigidly moralistic, and tough-minded individualist.
Ex: Many school districts have adopted a hard-line approach to reducing unexcused absenteeism; in one such district, truancy rates were reduced 45 percent when truants and their parents were taken to court.
Ex: These plants are often not as hardy when placed in the garden under less than hothouse conditions.
Ex: The manufacturers of this type of artificial turf say that while the grass is soft and springy underfoot it is extremely tough and hard-wearing.
Ex: He has become one of the first people in the world to complete a gruelling foot race involving four deserts on four different continents.
Ex: This is but brief thanks for providing such ready help and with such genial civility in these testing days of general difficulty.
* a buena hambre no hay pan duro = beggars can't be choosers ; beggars can't be choosy.
* actuar duro = play + hardball.
* adoptar una postura dura = take + a tough stance.
* a duras penas = with great difficulty ; at a push.
* agua dura = hard water.
* arreglárselas a duras penas = muddle through.
* avanzar a duras penas = flounder ; grind on.
* cabeza dura = stiff neck.
* caradura = impudence ; effrontery ; blatancy ; shameless ; shamelessness ; brazenness ; insolence ; chutzpah ; cad.
* ciencias duras, las = hard sciences, the.
* Cuando las cosas se ponen duras, los duros se crecen = When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
* dar duro = pack + a wallop ; pack + a punch.
* darle duro = go + hard (at).
* de línea dura = hard-line.
* disco duro = hard disc ; hard drive.
* disco duro externo = external hard drive.
* droga dura = hard drug.
* dura realidad = fact of life ; harsh reality.
* duro como una piedra = rock-hard.
* duro de corazón = hard-hearted.
* duro de pelar = tough nut to crack ; tough nut ; hard nut to crack ; tough cookie.
* duro despertar = rude awakening.
* duro golpe = cruel blow.
* duro revés = cruel blow.
* edición en cubierta dura = hardcover.
* edición en tapas duras = hardcover.
* estar a las duras y a las maduras = take + the bad with the good ; take + the good and bad.
* ganarse la vida a duras penas = eke out + a living ; scratch (out) + a living ; scrape + a living ; eke out + an existence.
* hacerse el duro = play it + cool ; play + hard to get.
* hueso duro (de roer) = uphill struggle ; tough nut to crack ; hard nut to crack ; tough nut ; tough cookie.
* huevo duro = hard-boiled egg.
* la parte más dura de = brunt of, the.
* libro impreso en pastas duras = board book.
* madera dura = hardwood.
* ¿mano blanda o mano dura? = the carrot vs. the stick.
* mano blanda y mano dura = carrots and sticks.
* mano dura = iron fist ; iron hand.
* más duro que la suela de un zapato = as tough as leather ; as tough as nails ; as tough as nuts ; as tough as old boots ; as tough as shoe leather.
* más duro que una piedra = as tough as nuts ; as tough as nails ; as tough as leather ; as tough as old boots ; as tough as shoe leather.
* paladar duro = hard palate.
* pastas duras = hard cover.
* pegar duro = pack + a punch ; pack + a wallop.
* personas que son duras de oído, las = hard of hearing, the.
* ponerse duro = go + hard.
* porno dura = hard porn.
* pornografía dura = hard core pornography ; hard porn ; hard pornography.
* puro y duro = unvarnished.
* recibir duras críticas = take + a pounding ; take + a beating.
* salir adelante a duras penas = eke out + a living ; scratch (out) + a living ; scrape + a living ; eke out + an existence.
* sector duro = hard sector.
* ser duro con = come down (hard) on.
* ser duro de mollera = be slow on the uptake ; be a button short ; have + a button missing.
* ser duro de oído = be hard-of-hearing.
* ser duro de pelar = be a tough cookie.
* ser un hueso duro de roer = be a tough cookie.
* ser un tipo muy duro = be a tough cookie.
* tan duro como el pedernal = as hard as nails.
* tan duro como la piedra = as hard as nails.
* tan duro como la suela de un zapato = as tough as leather ; as tough as nails ; as tough as nuts ; as tough as old boots ; as tough as shoe leather.
* tan duro como una piedra = as hard as nails ; as tough as nuts ; as tough as nails ; as tough as leather ; as tough as old boots ; as tough as shoe leather.
* tenerlo duro = not be easy.
* tener un duro despertar = rude awakening + be in store.
* tío duro = tough guy ; tough cookie.
* tipo duro = tough guy ; tough cookie.
* tomar las duras con las maduras = take + the bad with the good ; take + the good and bad.
* tomar medidas duras contra = crack down on.
* tomar una postura dura = take + a tough stance.
* trabajar duro = labour [labor, -USA] ; toil ; slave away ; be (still) working away ; be (still) toiling away ; be (still) hard at it ; put in + some hard work ; work away ; slave at.
* trabajar duro y divertirse mucho = work hard, play hard .
* trabajo duro = hard graft ; hard labour ; thirsty work ; hard work.
* vivir a duras penas = live on + a prayer.
* volverse duro = go + hard.
* dejar sin un duro = take + Nombre + to the cleaners ; leave + Nombre + out of pocket.
* estar sin un duro = not have a bean.
* faltar el canto de un duro para = by the skin of + Posesivo + teeth ; come + very close to ; be inches from.
* no tener un duro = not have a bean.
* novela a duro = dime and nickel novel.
* quedarse sin un duro = leave + Nombre + out of pocket.
* sin un duro = broke ; down-and-out ; skint ; penniless ; out-at-(the)-elbows.

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