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education, learning, instruction; fosterage, upbringing; manners, politeness

upbringing, education upbringing, education

education education

(n.) = education ; instruction ; manner ; schooling ; civility ; decency ; upbringing ; educational career.
Ex: The social sciences class, 300, subsumes Economics, Politics, Law and education.
Ex: Probably in most libraries instruction in library use and the use of information retrieval tools needs to be available in a number of different modes.
Ex: But there was no trace of sinisterness in Balzac's manner.
Ex: Some people with little schooling do use the library, and for valuable purposes but they are more of an exception than the rule.
Ex: Matters of civility rather than criminality are the focus of the discussion.
Ex: He has a decency and character that is both enviable and especially rare in today's world of expediency and self-service.
Ex: Children in modern society are faced with a ceaseless stream of new ideas, and responsibility for their upbringing has generally moved from parents to childminders and teachers.
Ex: Adults who have chosen to interrupt their educational careers often face the problem of rusty academic skills.
* ALISE (Asociación para la Educación en Biblioteconomía y Documentación) = ALISE (Association for Library and Information Science Education).
* alumna de un colegio de educación mixta = co-ed.
* ampliar la educación de uno = extend + Posesivo + education.
* base de datos de educación = ERIC.
* centro de educación de adultos = adult learning centre ; adult learner centre ; adult education centre.
* centro de educación infantil = early education centre.
* centro de educación sanitaria = consumer health centre ; consumer health information centre.
* ciencias de la educación = educational science.
* clase de educación de adultos = adult learning class ; adult learner class.
* clase de educación especial = special education class.
* clase de educación física = physical education class.
* delegación de educación y ciencia = local education authority (LEA).
* Educación a Distancia = distance education ; Open College.
* educación agrícola = agricultural education.
* educación bibliotecaria = library education.
* educación bilingüe = bilingual education ; bilingual education.
* educación cívica = civic education ; civic responsibility ; civics ; civic literacy.
* educación compensatoria = remedial education.
* educación de adultos = adult education ; literacy tutoring.
* educación de apoyo = remedial education.
* educación de consumidores = consumer education.
* educación de los hijos = child rearing.
* educación familiar = upbringing.
* educación física = physical education ; P.E. (Physical Education).
* educación liberal = liberal education.
* educación literaria = literary education.
* educación medioambiental = environmental education.
* educación para la salud = health education ; consumer health information ; consumer health education.
* educación personal = independent education.
* educación religiosa = religious education (RE).
* educación sanitaria = health education ; consumer health information ; consumer health education.
* educación secundaria = secondary education.
* educación sexual = sex education.
* educación superior = higher education.
* educación universitaria = college-trained.
* Espacio Europeo para la Educación Superior (EEES) = European Space for Higher Education (ESHE).
* estudiante de ciencias de la educación = education student ; student teacher.
* facultad de ciencias de la educación = teachers college ; teacher training college.
* falta de educación = impoliteness ; bad manners.
* información sobre educación = education information.
* institución de educación pública = public education institution.
* investigación en educación = educational research.
* mala educación = impoliteness ; bad manners.
* mercado de la educación = education market ; educational market.
* Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia = Department of Education and Science.
* Ministro de Educación, el = Education Secretary, the.
* niño que recibe la educación escolar en su casa = homeschooler [home schooler].
* no tener educación = be bad-mannered ; be ill-mannered.
* profesional de la educación = educational professional.
* profesor de educación básica = school teacher.
* profesor de educación física = PE teacher ; gym teacher.
* recorte en educación = education cut.
* relacionado con la educación = education-related.
* ser de muy mala educación = be bad-mannered ; be ill-mannered.
* sicología de la educación = educational psychology ; psychology of education.
* sicólogo de la educación = educational psychologist.
* tener la educación de = have + the decency to.
* tener muy mala educación = be bad-mannered ; be ill-mannered.
* Tesauro Británico de Educación = British Educational Thesaurus (BET).
* universidad nacional de educación a distancia (UNED) = open university.

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