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learned, educated; trained; polite, mannerly


(adj.) = well-mannered ; mild-mannered ; well-behaved.
Ex: One should avoid giving less effort to the resolution of a problem presented by a calm, well-mannered individual than to those presented by loud, demanding, and persistent pests.
Ex: In 'Killers,' out this Friday in theaters, Katherine Heigl discovers her mild-mannered new husband is secretly a gun-toting spy and learns to kick butt herself.
Ex: We had a full house for the weekend including two very happy and well-behaved young dogs.
* bien educado = urbane.
* mal educado = impolite.
(v.) = breed ; educate ; bring up ; rear ; civilise [civilize, -USA] ; raise ; school.
Ex: The dependence on bosses for recognition, rewards, and advancement breeds an artificiality of relationship, a need to be polite and agreeable.
Ex: The staff undertake searches and enquiries for the user and educate the user by various ways, from informal discussion to fully prepared lectures.
Ex: Teachers and librarians cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the literature a child is brought up with at home, no matter how anemic and worthless it may seem to be.
Ex: One of the main characteristics of written language, especially for people reared in oral cultural milieus, is the inability of the learner to rely on what has always been available: the non-verbal element of communication.
Ex: The author argues that the capacity of books to change lives and to civilize readers cannot be overstated = El autor sostiene la opinión de que no se puede dejar de recalcar la capacidad de los libros para cambiar la vida de las personas y civilizar a los lectores.
Ex: The current generation of young adults were raised on television, video games, music videos, and other highly visual media = La generación actual de jóvenes se han educado con la televisión, los vídeojuegos, los vídeos musicales y otros medios visuales.
Ex: Apprenticeship is more realistic than expecting everyone to be schooled by a parent at home.
* educar a un animal doméstico a hacer sus necesidades en la caja de arena = litter-train.

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