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efficacy, effectiveness

efficiency, efficacy

(n.) = effectivity ; efficacity ; efficacy ; effectiveness ; efficiency.
Nota: En evaluación de servicios, relación entre los recursos usados y los resultados obtenidos.
Ex: The article 'Can a repository enhance reuse effectivity?' explores whether the use of multimedia fosters the reuse of artifacts from a repository.
Ex: Efficacity, efficiency and productivity will be the new parameters for universities and their libraries.
Ex: I would suspect that this has a very beneficial effect on cataloging speed and productivity and efficacy.
Ex: Effectiveness is the extent to whith the libary is achieving its goals and objectives.
Ex: Efficiency is the relation between resources input and resulting outputs.
* afectar a la eficacia de Algo = prejudice + effectiveness.
* con eficacia = ably.
* confianza en la eficacia de uno mismo = self-efficacy.
* costes-eficacia = cost-effectiveness.
* eficacia de consumo de combustible = fuel efficiency.
* eficacia de la biblioteca = library goodness.
* eficacia de la recuperación = retrieval effectiveness.
* eficacia económica = economic efficiency.
* eficacia en el trabajo = quality of service.
* evaluar la eficacia de Algo = gauge + the effectiveness of.
* indicador de eficacia = performance indicator ; effectiveness indicator.
* indicadores de eficacia = performance criteria.
* medición de la eficacia = performance evaluation ; performance measurement.
* mejorar la eficacia = enhance + effectiveness.
* perder eficacia = lose + clout.

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