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efficacious, effectual; effective, efficient; potent; operative

efficient, efficacious, effective, effectual


(adj.) = effective ; efficacious ; efficient ; keen ; successful.
Ex: Normally the most effective way of summarising a table is to produce a simplified table.
Ex: Micrographic and computer technologies and their integration will become increasingly efficacious as agents for change with respect to the continued existence of the traditional 75 by 125 millimeter card.
Ex: It permits efficient searching without scanning the full text file sequentially.
Ex: Formal logic used to be a keen instrument in the hands of the teacher in his trying of students' souls.
Ex: Someone's off-the-cuff idea may be the clue that will tap another's thought and lead to a successful solution.
* búsqueda eficaz = savvy searching.
* de una manera eficaz = competently.
* eficaz desde un punto de vista energético = energy efficient.
* hacer que sea eficaz = render + effective.
* muy eficaz = powerful ; highly effective.
* poco eficaz = non-efficient.
* ser eficaz para + Infinitivo = be efficient at + Gerundio.
* ser poco eficaz = do + little.
* supereficaz = super-efficient.
* usando el tiempo de un modo eficaz = time efficient [time-efficient].

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