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axis; axle; hinge; linchpin

axis, axle

axis , axle


(n.) = axis [axes, -pl.] ; core ; focus ; hub ; backbone ; axle ; pivot ; shaft ; centrepiece [centerpiece, -USA] ; locus [loci, -pl.] ; spindle ; swivel.
Ex: If one assumes that the author segment of the author-title entry is on one axis and title on the other, there are 1,000,000 positions in the matrix for the placement of entries.
Ex: The main list of index terms is the core of the thesaurus and defines the index language.
Ex: Our focus in this text is on the first stage in the following diagram.
Ex: And since the main entry is the hub and most exacting aspect of our cataloging process, its replacement by a title-unit entry would greatly simplify the problem and expedite the operation of cataloging.
Ex: Since 1950 the backbone of British current bibliographic control has been British national bibliography.
Ex: The rolling press consisted essentially of a frame in which two large rollers were mounted one above the other, and were turned by means of four large spokes radiating from the axle of the upper one.
Ex: The use of decimal notation is seen as the pivot of Dewey's scheme and notational systems are analysed generally and compared with Dewey's.
Ex: The rest of the metal from the ladle filled the rectangular shaft between the two parts of the mould, and all of it solidified almost immediately.
Ex: The speakers will explain what actions have been taken to ensure that freedom of access to information remains the centrepiece of library philosophy in these difficult times.
Ex: The locus of government policy making has been shifted to the Ministry of Research and Technology.
Ex: The movement of the bar turned the spindle through about ninety degrees, and the screw working in the nut caused it to descend about 15 mm.
Ex: A windvane is really just a flat piece of metal or wood on a swivel that catches the wind and points toward and away from the wind.
* eje central de la economía, el = backbone of the economy, the.
* eje de comunicaciones = communications hub.
* eje delantero = front end ; front axle.
* eje del mal = axis of evil.
* eje trasero = rear end ; rear axle.
* eje visual = visual axis.
* en el eje = at the core (of).
* en su eje = at its core.

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