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execute, implement, perform; discharge; run; live up


to execute

(v.) = execute.
Ex: Some cataloguing may be conducted by a technical services department, whilst other cataloguing may be executed in the local studies department, or the children's library.
* ejecutar una acción = effect + an execution.
* ejecutar una decisión = execute + a decision.
* ejecutar una función = run + a function.
* ejecutar una hipoteca = foreclose.
* ejecutar una orden = execute + a command ; execute + an instruction.
* ejecutar una tarea = execute + a task.
* ejecutar una utilidad = run + an utility.
* volver a ejectuar = rerun [re-run].
(v.) = execute ; put to + death.
Ex: Knowing that the trials were inherently unfair and he was almost certain to be convicted and executed, Corey refused to stand for trial.
Ex: This is a new death chamber at San Quentin where the condemned are put to death by lethal injection.

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