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eliminate, get rid of, remove; obviate, remove an obstacle in advance; obliterate


to eliminate

(v.) = abort ; cut off ; delete ; detach ; disband ; discard ; dispose of ; do away with ; eliminate ; eradicate ; erase ; erode ; kill ; obviate ; purge ; remove ; rid ; suppress ; take out ; withdraw ; screen out ; retire ; decrement ; dispel ; weed out ; axe [ax, -USA] ; abolish ; pare out ; chop off ; excise ; obliterate ; scrap ; take off ; expunge ; cut out ; put to + rest ; sweep away ; root out ; nix ; drive out ; deselect ; strip away ; roll back ; efface ; cashier ; clear out ; weed ; sunset ; stomp + Nombre + out ; zap ; take + Nombre + out ; put + Nombre + on the chopping block ; wipe off ; wipe off ; partial out ; edit out ; junk ; degunk ; stub out ; stub ; blank + Nombre + out.
Ex: It is important to know what police or fire responses are triggered by alarms and how that reaction can be aborted and the alarm silenced.
Ex: The only way to solve these problems is either to revise your catalog in its totality or to cut it off.
Ex: Expressive notation is generally easier to truncate, that is, delete final characters to create the notation for a more general subject.
Ex: The words from the deleted abstract in the abstract word file will be detached when DOBIS/LIBIS is not busy with other work.
Ex: With the completion of the draft in 1983, the Working Group on an International Authority System was officially disbanded.
Ex: The dates should be checked regularly and updated so that old dates are discarded and new ones entered.
Ex: List and describe the steps involved in withdrawing and disposing of books which are no longer required.
Ex: DOBIS/LIBIS does away with the multiplicity of files and catalogs.
Ex: Obviously, computers and the use of notation in computerised systems may place additional constraints upon the nature of the notation, or may eliminate the need to consider some of the characteristics below.
Ex: In this instance links would be insufficient to eradicate the false drop.
Ex: Pressing the delete key erases a characters without leaving a blank space.
Ex: These arrangements should also erode price differentials between Europe and the US, and permit each country to support its own online services.
Ex: He was looking for the book 'Flowers and Bullets and Freedom to kill' = Estaba buscando el libro "Flores, balas y libertad para matar".
Ex: The intercalation of (41-4) after 329 obviates this function.
Ex: The system requests the number of the borrower and then purges that borrower's name and number from its files.
Ex: Folders allow a set of papers to be kept together when a set on a given topic is removed from the file.
Ex: This function can be used to rid access-point files of unused entries.
Ex: It is possible to suppress references and to omit steps in a hierarchy.
Ex: A scheme should allow reduction, to take out subjects and their subdivisions which are no longer used.
Ex: Thus, all cards corresponding to documents covering 'Curricula' are withdrawn from the pack.
Ex: Most journals rely for a substantial part of their income on advertisements; how would advertisers view the prospect of being selectively screened out by readers?.
Ex: This article stresses the importance for libraries of making current informationav ailable on AIDS, and of retiring out-of-date information on the subject.
Ex: Document terms absent from the original query were decremented.
Ex: But years and experience do not always dispel the sense of unease.
Ex: Information services administrators expect library schools to uphold admission standards and weed out unsuitable candidates.
Ex: 'He's been trying to cover up his tracks; those engineers who got axed were his scapegoats'.
Ex: Who knows? If we can abolish the card catalogue and replace it with some form more acceptable to library users, they may even begin to use library catalogues!.
Ex: Because the assumption in this method is that none of the preceding years' operations are worth continuing unless they can be shown to be necessary, zero-based budgeting (ZZB) can be useful for paring out the deadwood of obsolete or uselessly extravagant programs.
Ex: Others chop off old records to remain within the limits of 680 MB.
Ex: Once a new digitized system has been introduced irrelevancies and redundant features can more easily be seen and excised.
Ex: Typing errors cannot be obliterated with a normal erasing fluid as this would print and appear as a blotch on the copies.
Ex: There have even been rumours of plans to scrap most of the industrial side of its work and disperse key elements, such as the work on regional and industrial aid, to the provinces.
Ex: Meek took her glasses off and twiddled them as her supervisor related the following incident = Meek se quitó las gafas y las hacía girar al mismo tiempo que su supervisor le contaba el siguiente incidente.
Ex: This article examines the controversial issue about whether to expunge books about satanism from the library shelves.
Ex: In order to support a core acquistions programme of essential materials for its users, a library will more readily cut out material on the fringe of its needs if such material can be obtained by a good document supply system.
Ex: Careful investigation by the library board of the possibilities inherent in system membership usually puts to rest preconceived fears.
Ex: Librarians should ensure that the principles they stand for are not swept away on a tide of technological jingoism.
Ex: Libraries should root out unproductive and obsolete activities.
Ex: This play was nixed by school officials on the grounds that the subject of sweatshops was not appropriate for that age group.
Ex: The development of user-friendly interfaces to data bases may drive out the unspecialised information broker in the long run.
Ex: There is a need to provide public access to the Internet and to develop guidelines for selecting and deselecting appropriate resources.
Ex: Like its predecessor, it wants to strip away the sentimentality surrounding male-female relationships and reveal the ugly, unvarnished truth.
Ex: Some Russia specialists say President Putin is rolling back liberal economic and political reforms ushered in by his predecessor.
Ex: The beauty, the aliveness, the creativity, the passion that made her lovable and gave her life meaning has been effaced.
Ex: His case was referred to the next session, and in the following May he was cashiered.
Ex: Pockets of resistance still remain in Fallujah, but the vast majority of insurgents have been cleared out.
Ex: It seems to me that the electronic catalog provides the ability to build a file that can, in fact, be easily weeded.
Ex: It's instructive to remember just how passionately the media hyped the dangers of 'sunsetting' the ban.
Ex: Like I said, no wonder racism won't die, it takes BOTH sides to stomp it out, not just one!.
Ex: This electric fly swatter will zap any fly or mosquito with 1500 volts.
Ex: My lasting image of Omar is of him crouched in the rubble waiting for U.S. troops to get close enough so he could take one of them out.
Ex: I think this article is very inflammatory and unbelievably false -- no one, especially Obama, has 'put social security on the chopping block'.
Ex: In the event of a nuclear war, India will emerge as the ultimate winner after wiping off Pakistan, but lose up to 500 million of its own people.
Ex: Again, be very aware that this will wipe off everything that was on the disk.
Ex: The effect of national IQ on longevity remained strong when GDP per capita, income inequality, and individualism were partialed out.
Ex: Rest assured that all 'confidential remarks' will be edited out of the final report which I will send to the list next week.
Ex: I had a motherboard with a lot of bad capacitors so I decided to junk it instead of repairing.
Ex: Hopefully what I've done will have degunked any gunk there was and extended the life of my washing machine.
Ex: Nicotine patches may not help smokers to stub out the habit, according to a new study.
Ex: But what are we as the citizens of the country doing to stub the problem?.
Ex: I wonder if those years were so traumatic that I have blanked them out deliberately.
* ayudar a eliminar obstáculos = clear + the path ; clear + the way.
* eliminar Algo dejando un hueco en su lugar = gap.
* eliminar al intermediario = cut out + the middleman.
* eliminar ambigüedades = disambiguate.
* eliminar barreras = flatten + barriers ; tackle + barriers ; erase + boundaries.
* eliminar de = squeeze out of.
* eliminar de la lista = delist.
* eliminar de un golpe = eliminate + at a stroke.
* eliminar de un texto = redact out ; redact.
* eliminar diferencias = flatten out + differences.
* eliminar el hielo = de-ice [deice].
* eliminar el sarro = descale.
* eliminar gases = pass + gas ; break + wind ; pass + wind.
* eliminar la necesidad de = remove + the need for.
* eliminar las barreras = break down + barriers ; bring down + barriers.
* eliminar las diferencias = iron out + differences.
* eliminar los duplicados = deduplicate.
* eliminar los obstáculos = bring down + barriers.
* eliminar + Nombre = clear of + Nombre.
* eliminar obstáculos = clear + the path ; clear + the way.
* eliminar por etapas = phase out.
* eliminar por votación = vote + Nombre + off the island .
* eliminar progresivamente = phase out.
* eliminar puestos de trabajo = shed + jobs ; axe + jobs ; cut + jobs.
* eliminar puliendo = buff out.
* eliminar una barrera = topple + barrier ; remove + barrier.
* eliminar una ecuación de búsqueda = clear + search.
* eliminar un error = remove + error.
* eliminar un obstáculo = remove + barrier ; sweep away + obstacle ; remove + obstacle.
* eliminar un problema = sweep away + a problem ; work out + a kink.

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