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praise, eulogy, commendation; compliment


(n.) = kudos.
Ex: Authors who succeed in this category are people who do not worry too much about the lack of literary kudos, but who can write, and seem to enjoy writing, fairly simple stories for a wide audience whose pure enjoyment of the books is sufficient. (n.) = commendation ; acclaim ; praise ; encomium ; accolade ; laurels ; elevation ; eulogy ; plaudit ; rave.
Ex: It's a staggering list of accomplishments, and considering bureaucracy and some of the internal problems of the Library of Congress, I think that the Library deserves a great deal of credit and commendation.
Ex: In effect, the book started its life rather more as a light entertainment middle-of-the-range hardback autobiography but popular acclaim turned it into a huge mass-market paperback success.
Ex: Wing has not had the almost unqualified praise from the reviewers that Pollard and Redgrave received.
Ex: Encomiums for abstractors are appropriate.
Ex: The article 'Interlibrary loan: automation, whither thou goest; some gripes and an accolade' advises postponing automation until dedicated funds are available and hardware is standardized.
Ex: There is a need to give credit to all involved in the development of quality products thus sharing the laurels.
Ex: Within the last 40 years, information has undergone remarkable elevation.
Ex: The journalist and broadcaster, Bernard Levin is well known for his eulogies of good indexes and indexers.
Ex: This valuable collection is now accessible over the Internet, to the plaudits of numerous researchers and citizens, spreading our influence throughout the world.
Ex: And by tackling problems beyond their traditional turf, the award winners earned raves for leadership.
* colmar de elogios = heap (up) + praise on/upon.
* deshacerse en elogios = wax + lyrical ; wax + rapturous ; sing + Posesivo + praises ; go into + raptures.
* digno de elogio = praiseworthy ; commendably.
* elogio de la crítica = critical acclaim.
* elogios = kudos.
* recibir el elogio de la crítica = enjoy + critical acclaim.
* recibir elogio = get + tap on the shoulder.
* recibir elogios = win + accolade.
* ser objeto de elogio = win + acclaim ; receive + acclaim.

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