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emit, give off; beam; vent; issue; launch; express


to emit

(v.) = emit ; give out ; issue ; air ; vent ; give off ; billow out ; spout ; give.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado gave, participio given.
Ex: A girl stroked its keys and it emitted recognizable speech.
Ex: Similarly, equipment such as this can often give out quite a lot of heat which has to be adequately dissipated.
Ex: Once a user is registered, a password will be issued which provides access to all or most of the data bases offered by the host as and when the user wishes.
Ex: Because TV had very few channels the value of TV was very high so only things of very broad interest could be aired on those few channels.
Ex: Mount Etna in Sicily is currently venting white steam clouds.
Ex: Once the fronds have given off their spores, they die and can be cut back.
Ex: Nearly everyone has seen a factory's smokestack billowing out black sooty smoke that dirties the air and blackens buildings.
Ex: The weather cleared enough that we could get in to the volcanic islands (still spouting plumes of smoke) by copter in safety.
Ex: An abstract of a bibliography can be expected to note whether author affiliations are given = Es de esperar que el resumen de una bibliografía indique si se incluyen los lugares de trabajo de los autores.
* emitir fluorescencias = fluoresce ; fluoresce.
* emitir gases = gas.
* emitir luz = emit + light.
* emitir + Posesivo + fallo = pass + sentence.
* emitir + Posesivo + opinión sobre = give + Posesivo + opinion on.
* emitir + Posesivo + voto = cast + Posesivo + vote.
* emitir señales = send out + signals.
* emitir una señal = beam + signal ; emit + signal.
* emitir un informe = issue + statement.
* emitir un juicio de valor = exercise + value judgment ; pass + a value judgement.
* emitir un pitido = beep ; bleep.
* emitir un sonido = emit + sound.
* emitir un voto = cast + ballot ; take + vote.
* gesticular palabras con la boca sin emitir sonido = mouth.
* sin emitir humo = smokeless.

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